Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Scariest Weekend of my Life...

Wow. Im not sure where to begin.

As you know, Jameson was diagnosed with a double ear infection last Friday. He was given oral antibiotics and ear drops. Due to the antibiotics, he developed yeast in his diaper area. Along with those fun little ailments, he is (still) working on cutting a molar through. Poor boy was a hot mess!

On Wednesday, I got him up at 615, as I usually do, and he didn't eat breakfast, which is very unlike him. He downed a sippy cup of juice and cried for more. Wasn't acting quite like himself, but he wasn't running a fever or anything, so I sent him to "school," and went to work.

Thursday, I got him up at the usual 615 again. I sat him on the living room floor, like I do every day, and again, he wouldn't touch his breakfast, but drank like there was no tomorrow. From 615 until 650, he sat on the living room floor, staring off into space, without making a peep. He finally did a little "eh, eh, eh" at 650. Again, I could tell he wasn't right, but he had no fever and I had to work, if at all possible. So I took him to school and went to work. Daycare called me at 815 and said he'd thrown up, so I had to come get him.

I picked him up. He was again, acting really funny. He would drink, ate a very small amount of lunch, and spent a lot of the day just spaced out. His yeast was getting very bad so I took him to his pediatrician. I told her about the unexplained vomiting, the lack of fever, the constant drinking, and the spacing out. She diagnosed him with reflux. A stop at the pharmacy for steroid cream and Prevacid, and we were on our way home.

Friday morning, I left home early to get groceries before work. Matt and the boys slept in a bit and he took them to school around 8. I didn't hear from the daycare all day. I was hopeful that Jameson had come around and had had a good day. I talked to Matt around 5 pm. He had talked to daycare just prior to our conversation and they had said he'd been in a zombie like state, and was breathing funny.

Part of me wanted to get upset at them for not calling me, but the other part knows that they understand that folks have to work and they didn't want to call me to get him two days in a row. Regardless, I picked him up at 530 and he was not good. Zombie-like state, heavy, fast breathing, pale skin, just not my Jameson. It was time to get this weird behavior figured out. Matt and I were both very concerned at this point.

I had had plans for the boys and I to go over to a good friend's house on Friday night for pizza, ice cream, and a play date for the kids. I called her and explained that we were going to take Jameson to the hospital, if she minded watching Hendrix for a few hours. She's amazing and said yes, of course.

So we dropped Hendrix off with her and headed to Bowling Green emergency room. We got into the ER at 6 pm. The staff was amazing. They weren't sure what was going on, but could tell our little man wasn't doing well. They tested his urine and took a chest X-ray. The X-ray was clear. Urine results had not come back yet when the doctor was finally able to get in and see us.

He asked us a few questions, observed Jameson, and said, "I don't normally do this for kids, but I'm ordering bloodwork." Crazy as it was, I was so excited. Something was obviously wrong with Jameson, and we weren't getting answers otherwise.

Before the lab took blood, I heard someone in the nurse's station say something about glucose in the urine, but wasn't sure they were talking about Jameson, but had a good hunch that they were.

Lab got into our room and *tried* to take blood. Our little boy was severely dehydrated and his veins were almost impossible to access. They stuck him 6 separate times in an attempt to draw labs and start an iv. It took forever, but they finally got the iv in, got a small bit of blood, and started him on some fluids.

A few minutes later (at this point, I had lost all track of time), the doctor came in, announcing that he had an answer. Looked like our boy had diabetes. His blood sugar was 382. I was shocked, but at the same time, that's what my gut had been telling me for about 24 hours. I said to the doctor, "I knew it!" Then I cried.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, and Jameson's age, the doctor wanted to transfer him to a pediatric hospital in Toledo. I agreed, and arrangements were made. First thing I heard was "life flight." I asked one of the nurses, "is this just procedure to fly them, or is it that serious?" She said it was probably a bit of both. Wow.

I have no idea what time it was, but the life flight EMT's arrived by ambulance, which actually set me at ease a bit, loaded Jameson and I up, and off we went to Toledo.

We spent a couple hours in the ER at Mercy Saint Vincent's hospital in Toledo. There were several doctors and nurses everywhere!! Again, my poor little guy was subjected to multiple pokes, as nurses and phlebotomists attempted to draw blood, with no success. I was about to lose it at that point.

Finally, the attending physician decided that, instead of continuing to torture Jameson, they would just run a central line in his groin, through his femoral artery. He also told me they'd be admitting him to PICU (pediatric intensive care).

A short while later, they took us upstairs to PICU, where we spoke very briefly with the attending physician up there. He warned us of the risks of the central line (blood clot, infection, etc), we agreed to go ahead with the procedure. Doctor said to us, "we need to get this line in stat. We'll talk later." So they sent us to the waiting room.

The doctor came in once the central line had been placed to talk about the situation. I had been relatively calm up until this point. Matt and I were continuing a conversation at 1 am that we had started at 9 am. Ha! The doctor said that the line had gone in and it was ok. Then he broke down the situation for us.

I appreciated his openness and the thorough nature of his communication. But it should be noted that I'm that person who's mind immediately goes to the worst place possible. Especially when it comes to my precious children. Doctor stated that he was, indeed, diabetic. He would probably need an insulin pump, and that he was severely dehydrated.

There is a small chance, in boys this age (not sure why its greater for boys than girls), for there to be brain damage after a trauma such as this. This is because the brain, at this young age, is 85% water, and the dehydration had seriously impacted that. There is also a chance that the brain could swell. These are small chances, of course, but when I heard this, I broke down.

After the doctor made sure we had no further questions, we were able to go back to the room, where they were finally getting Jameson hooked up to insulin in his iv. It was 2 am at this point. He was asleep, so Matt (that dear, sweet man) made the couch/bed for me and I laid down, while he sat in the uncomfortable chair.

I slept restlessly, and tossed and turned from about 230-530. It's now 645 and Jameson is still not waking up. I just checked with the nurse and she said his numbers are improving. He's still in critical condition, but showing improvement. Praise God.

At this point, we wait. They are trying to bring his sugar levels down and fluid levels up slowly, so as not to cause any more damage. They are drawing labs every hour.

People keep asking me what they can do to help. Friends, your concerns, thoughts, and prayers all mean more than you know! My parents are with Hendrix. I'm going to go home and shower and squeeze my blond boy at some point today, but other than that, we are just waiting to see how everything plays out.

The best thing anyone can do right now is just pray. Pray that Jameson's numbers continue to improve and that the Father can place His hand of healing on my sweet baby and allow his hydration to return, and that there would be no damage or swelling to his delicate brain.

I will continue to update through the blog as the situation progresses. We are looking at being in the PICU until Sunday night, at least.

Thank you, everyone, so very much for all that you've done, the prayers you're lifting up, and the thoughts you're sending our way. We love you all!

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  1. So so scary! I can't imagine :( I have been praying since I heard! Looking forward to happier updates to come! Hugs!