Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap: 11/16-11/18: house cleaning and a birthday!

Friday, 11/16
Friday evening involved Little Ceasar's pizza for dinner, and a cleaning frenzy! Not too much to tell here. This party animal went to bed at 10 pm!

Saturday, 11/17
On Saturday morning, Hendrix and I took Corduroy to get groomed (read funny Hendrix story here!), then we ran to Hobby Lobby for Thanksgiving centerpiece flowers, Big Lots for a mattress for the other bunk in the boys' room, WalMart for Thanksgiving groceries, and McDonald's for a special mommy-son lunch date. Then we picked up the pooch and headed back home.  We cleaned some more. 

I found this "limited edition" candle at WalMart.  Not sure how limited it is, because I bought it last year and fell in love with it.  I was so super excited to find it again this year!

It's crazy how you can spend so much time cleaning, and feel you've gotten nowhere.  Maybe that just because we have two toddlers running around, huh?  Saturday afternoon, I tried out a recipe for low-calorie, crustless pumpkin pie.  I wanted to give it a trial run, before I made it on Thursday, and it was gross or something.  Turned out pretty good!  Saturday evening, was more cleaning, and I sacked out at 9 pm.  I know, you can't handle my crazy party antics.

My lunch date on Saturday.

My low-calorie, crustless pumpkin pie. 

My pumpkin pie making helper.

Sunday, 11/18
Sunday morning, we met my friend, Angie, and her two kids at Splash Bay in Maumee to celebrate Hendrix's birthday.  We were there for about three hours, which was just enough, because the little ones were ready for their naps!  It was our first long outing with Jamers, since D-day.  We pretty much had to guess on how to cover his carbs for lunch, since the concession stand didn't offer nutrition information, but we didn't have any emergency highs or lows, so I suppose we did alright!

When we got home, we had our quiet/nap time.  Then, we took Hendrix outside, while Jamers was still napping, to unveil his birthday present.  He loved it!  Sunday evening, we had our favorite meal, steak and peppers.  Hendrix and I made Spiderman cupcakes for him to take to school today, but other than that, we just relaxed and watched football.

Spiderman greeted me this morning, as I brushed my teeth before work.  The small things just really make my days!

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