Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 In Review

Instead of the usual Rants and Ramblings post today, I've decided to recap our year.

It's VERY hard to believe that we are in the last week of 2012 already!  Did your year fly by as quickly as ours did?  2012 hasn't been our best year, and I think it's safe to say that we are ready to see it go, and move on in hopes that 2013 brings us wonderful opportunities and new adventures! 

Here's a brief recap of our 2012 year:

We had quite an un-remarkable winter, with it remaining warm and dry.
The most exciting thing about last January is that I was promoted to the finance department at work, and could finally get out of the call center.  Yay!

I learned what geocaching was, and Hendrix and I went searching for "treasure" a few times.

In March, we decided we had had enough of the carpet in our living area!  We tore it all out, had plans for laminate flooring to be laid, then found out, when the flooring guys came, that the floors in our old house were too sloped to lay laminate.  We decided to go with resilient vinyl flooring, and it worked great!
I ran the Glass City 1/2 Marathon!  Despite having lots of knee pain, and thinking I wouldn't be capable of doing it, I completed it in just over two hours, and couldn't be more proud of this accomplishment!

Heaven gained an angel this month, as Matt's dad lost his valiant battle with brain cancer.  A few days later, Matt celebrated his 30th birthday with a heavy heart.
This month, we celebrated little Jameson's first birthday!
I celebrated having been running for one year this month.  I've given running a try in the past, and didn't stick with it.  But this time I've done great with it, so I felt I had reason to celebrate!
We did some camping this month, but not a lot, due to it being a miserably hot and humid summer.
August continued to be extremely hot and humid.  We didn't do too much this month.  I celebrated my birthday with a trip to Colorado Springs to see my cousin and her beautiful daughter.  It was very enjoyable!

We had to get all of our first-floor plumbing re-done.  In doing so, we re-did the bathroom floor!

We learned that Chief would not be renewing their contract with W. Newell.  This, in a nutshell, meant that Matt would potentially be out of a job after February.  We had a Spiderman and a Doctor Octopus for Halloween, and noticed in the days leading up to Halloween that Jameson wasn't acting normal.   

We started out this festive season with a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.  Despite the chaos that the diagnosis brought to our lives, we were able to enjoy the celebration of Hendrix turning three, and also a nice Thankgiving dinner, hosted by us!
This month we celebrated my niece's ninth birthday. We travelled to Indiana for a long Christmas weekend, and made time to visit all of our loved ones.  We had our first snowfall of the season, though it wasn't too much to get excited about.  In the last few days of the year, we are working on finalizing details of our move and getting our 4 and a half years worth of things in our home packed up and ready to be transported across the country.

I wish you all nothing but the best in the coming year.  For those of you in Ohio and Indiana - keep in touch and we will do the same!  God bless.

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  1. WOO HOO !!... Let's hear it for geocaching :)
    Have you had an opportunity to do much more, I know things have been crazy for you. If you want you can check out our caching profile our username is Cross_Penny_Cacher, they even have a friend list.
    Good luck with everything going on, we will be praying for all of you.