Wednesday, December 12, 2012

D-Talk: Another Low Day

Jameson had a low day yesterday.  He was 265 when he woke up in the morning, which isn't unusual.

I was going into work early, because Jameson has an appointment with the endocrinologist in the morning, and I was making up the hours.  Matt was in the shower, so I stuck my head in and relayed all the pertinent information to him - his blood sugar reading, what he was eating, how many carb choices it was, etc (diabetes has made our household even more like running a business than it was before!!). Then I smooched the monsters and headed out the door. 

Matt called me around 7, when I was at my desk.  He said that Jameson had pulled away during the insulin injection, and he wasn't sure how much insulin he had actually gotten.  (Though we think he probably got the full dose.)  Matt was worried that it would affect his sugar.  If it did, however, he would be running high, rather than low.  Matt advised Ms. Tina when he dropped him off at daycare.

Last night, we got a letter (literally - on a piece of notebook paper - ha!) from Jameson's teacher, Ms. Carly advising us that he was 46 at lunch, and after nap, he was 50, I think (I don't remember the exact reading).  She handled it perfectly - giving him his free carbs at lunch and juice after nap time.  But we're not sure why he was running so low.

At bedtime, he was only 74 - after he had eaten his teddy grahams. 

I checked him when I went to bed at 9:30 (yes, I'm old and I go to bed at that time quite often).  He was still at 74. Grr. 

So I set my alarm for 2 am and checked him.  He was at 184.  Phew.  All was well this morning at breakfast, too, with a reading of 139. 

I'm not sure what all the lows were about, but what stuck out most to me about yesterday was that Jameson didn't wake up for either of the night time checks last night.  He was sleeping barefoot, with his knees tucked under his tummy, and his little tootsies were exposed, which worked out perfectly - both times!  I used the flashlight feature on my phone, set the lancet depth as low as I could (with fingers crossed that I could get enough blood), and pricked his tiny little tootsies.  He flinched, but never woke up. 

I can't decide - Is that awesome?  Or is that pathetically sad?


  1. Not Pathetic at all!! You did what any caring mom would do. :)

  2. Testing with the toes is a new one, we've not done that, but whatever works go for it. Kaylan usually sleeps right through her night tests. Lows are a strange thing sometimes they happen for no good reason. Kaylan was 40 right after volleyball practice( she usually goes low much later), but came up after one treatment. Are his teachers testing him again 15 minutes after treating a low and are they treating enough? With kaylan if she is below 70 we treat with 15 carbs, if she is below 50 (I think) she treats with 30, tests 15 minutes later and has had times when she had to treat again.
    Keep up the good work.