Monday, December 10, 2012

D-Talk: Jameson's track marks

My poor little piggy is showing signs of being a junkie.  An insulin junkie, that is. :(

Small bruises on his tummy from the injections.

Bruises/scratches on his arm.  (He moves his arm sometimes before we remove the needle, and it scratches or cuts his skin....)

I hate seeing his little bruised body, but I suppose bruises and scratches are a good alternative to hospitalization or worse, right?


  1. Boy I hate seeing that. One summer Kaylan and my dad had been picking up walnuts that still had the green hull on them. The hulls from the walnuts had "stained" her hands and it highlighted every finger prick from checking her blood sugar. It kind of looked like pepper flakes all over her fingers. It was really eye opening for me. After that I did a quick calculation of approximately how many finger pricks she had done, and was totally blown away.

  2. Oh man, that's crazy about the walnuts (but kind of cool in a sick way)! It stinks to have to poke and prod so much, but we gotta keep them healthy, right?

    Thanks for the comments on the blog, Nathan. I appreciate them!