Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend Adventures with Lucky

Lucky (the mascot for Hendrix's pre-school class) got to come stay with us for six whole days!  He came home on a Tuesday night, and stayed through Sunday night.  The boys (and Corduroy) loved him!

Weeknights at our house are pretty much the same every day.  We get home from work, have dinner, play, take baths, brush teeth, read stories, go to bed.  So Tuesday through Friday night weren't too exciting, really.  But Hendrix took good care of Lucky, by assuring that he brushed his teeth each night.  Lucky got to sleep in the top bunk with Hendrix at bedtime, too.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to Indiana (our 2nd of 3 Indiana trips this month) for my niece's 9th birthday party.  It was a skating party.  Rylee just adores her cousins, and they love her too!  We got to Indiana early so that we could spend some time at my parents' house.  The boys played and we had lunch together.  Then we headed to the skating rink.  I haven't set foot in this skating rink in at least 15 years, but nothing about it has changed!  It's crazy. :)

Lucky (and Jameson) thought the lights dancing across the floor were pretty cool.  Hendrix was very busy playing on the little indoor play equipment they had.  Lucky spent most of his time at the skating rink with Jameson, who was pretty much in LOVE with him.  They played on the seating benches and had lots of fun together.

We got back home Saturday evening and all went to bed kind of early, because we were tired from our trip.  On Sunday, we just stayed at home and had a lazy day around the house.  Hendrix was very good about making sure Lucky had "food and water" at all times.  Our dog, Corduroy, was a little jealous of Lucky, and was just sure that Lucky's toy was for him.  He wasn't too happy with us when we kept taking it away from him!

So we've decided that Jameson needs to ask Santa for a fluffy, stuffy, dog for Christmas.  To say there were no arguments over who got to play with Lucky would be a flat-out lie. :)  As you can see from the following picture, Jameson adored Lucky.

Hendrix loved him too!

We enjoyed our time with Lucky and hope he has fun with his other Willow friends as well!

Woof, woof, Lucky!

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