Thursday, December 6, 2012

Welcome, 2013!

Well, since we all apparently survived the end of the world, bring on 2013!!!

Here are the things I hope to accomplish / improve in 2013:

Being joyful. I'm not a grouch, by any means. But I want to improve my reactions to less-than-ideal situations and scenarios in my life (both personal and professional) and make my joy contagious.

Making time for creativity. I hope to make plenty of handmade cards and gifts for loved ones. I also hope to make a quilt in the coming year!

Sticking with a budget. With our upcoming move, along with the fact that we will have both a mortgage and rent to pay (until the house sells), we have no choice but to budget ourselves. I'm kind of excited, in a weird way, about this challenge!

That's about it for my resolutions for 2013. I'm keeping it simple, and just going to work on these three things and focus on enjoying life, giving my all in the things that I do, and cherishing moments with my loved ones.

Happy New Year to you all. Best wishes for the coming year, from my family to yours! God bless.

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