Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dinosaur Park!

So this South Dakota weather hasn't given us any kind of winter initiation yet (though I'm hearing it's supposed to get crazy tomorrow).  Yesterday, it got up to 60 degrees.  We took advantage of the warm temps and headed to Dinosaur Park. 
It's a park up on a hill (holy stairs, Batman) that was constructed in 1936.  There are about 6 or 7 giant dinosaurs that kids and climb on.  It was a bit windy and chilly once we got up to the top of the hill, but the boys had a great time running around and burning off energy.  And who am I kidding - it felt amazing to get out of our empty boring apartment for a while.
Here are some pics from our time at Dinosaur Park!
This guy is at the very top of the hill, and can be seen from pretty far away.
The view of Rapid City from Dinosaur Park.

Hendrix by the tail of the highest dino.
The dino at the top of the hill.  Nothing but blue sky above us!
Trying to climb up the stegosaurus.

Dinosaur Park was a great free little bit of entertainment.  We will definitely go back, next time we have another warm day!

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