Sunday, January 20, 2013

Settling in, new jobs, and lots of boxes.

I haven't posted in a while!!  Life kind of took off this week for me, with the start of my new job, and getting the boys into daycare.

The job is going great so far.  It's quite a change from the uber-corporate office from which I came.  Nothing wrong with corporate, and I'm not saying my current job is unprofessional in any way.  It's just different!  An example: we get to wear jeans every Friday.  At the old job, we maybe got two jeans days each year.  While my co-workers and I accomplish things every day, it's almost like hanging out with friends while you're at the office.  It's a very relaxed and friendly environment, while being a productive one at the same time.  I think I'm really going to love it, and fit in well with my co-workers.

So far so good with the boys' daycare.  I'll be completely honest here - I had asked the opinion of a few people about the daycare I went with.  I didn't get a single good review.  But, they had immediate availability, which I needed, and it was very affordable, so I went with it.  Know what?  I've had nothing but positive experiences with this daycare so far.  I feel they've gone out of their way to care for Jameson and they have handled the delicate diabetes situation with a sense of urgency and things have gone very smoothly so far.  I have no plans of changing their daycare, unless something bad were to happen.

We are settling into our apartment, slowly but surely.  We still have quite a few boxes that are left unpacked.  We are now realizing what a savior our garage was to us in Ohio. We are looking into getting a garage here at the apartment complex, but we aren't sure at this point, whether or not there is one available.  We should know either tomorrow or Tuesday (MLK day tomorrow).

Other than the annoying unpacked boxes and the boxes we've broken down that we have to step over every day (dumpsters around here are all pretty much full, so we can't throw away any more boxes at this point), we're doing well.  I got my sewing machine and crafting area set up last night, and managed to start sewing today (Quilt 2013, here I come!).  I was going through withdrawals, and it felt so good to sew and create!

I'm eager to learn more about my job this coming week, and start taking things over and doing them on my own.  Matt's job is going well, and he enjoys what he's doing.  We are settling in very well and look forward to what the future holds for the four of us!

Hope everyone is doing well and 2013 is treating you well so far.  Take care, and keep in touch!


Stephanie, Matt, Hendrix, and Jameson

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