Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Recap (Feb 22-24)

I've been a terrible momma to my blog-child lately!
It's been a while since I've done a weekend recap.  This past weekend was really low key.  Matt works every three weekends, and this was his weekend to work. 

Friday evening, we worked on picking up the house and getting everything in order for the weekend.  I made a batch of salsa, which I'm in love with.  :)  I also made cookie dough and tossed it in the fridge for the cookie shenanigans that were to come!  Jamers helped me a bit making the dough.

Saturday morning, after Matt headed to work, we broke out the cookie dough.  I was very impressed with Jameson when we were rolling out and cutting the dough.  He didn't eat any of it!  Every time he would get some on his fingers, he would say "icky," and I rolled with it, to discourage eating it!

We cut several crosses, eggs, bunnies, butterflies, and flowers and baked them.  They expanded way more in the oven than I expected them to!  Once they were cooled on Saturday evening, we frosted them.  I felt bad, but I left Jameson out of this part of the cookie shenanigans.  I knew the colored icing would be way too tempting for him, and once he tasted it, he wouldn't stop.  With icing being about 98% sugar, and no way to measure how much he was getting to give an appropriate insulin dose, I thought it would be easier to just do this part with Hendrix. 

So H and I decorated our cookies while daddy entertained J.

After our cookie party Saturday evening, Hendrix was getting bored and restless.  We decided to break out checkers.  Needless to say, the teaching part didn't go very well, but we tried! 

On Sunday morning, I went and got the mail.  We had a package from Shelbi, the girl who had Corduroy.  For those of you who don't know, Corduroy was hit by a car and killed a couple weeks ago.  Shelbi had this throw made for us.  I laid it out on the floor, and both boys basically dove into it, and started loving all over Corduroy.  It was just the sweetest and saddest thing!

I decorated my new iphone case with my Sharpies on Sunday also.  It has faded, and the colors have now turned to neon, but I still kind of love it!

We've decided to start transitioning Jameson out of his crib.  I'd LOVE to have him in a big boy bed by the beginning of summer.  We started small this weekend by napping him on a cot instead of his crib, or the pack n play.  Both Saturday and Sunday, he went to sleep without incident.  I may look into ordering toddler rails for the bottom bunk and see how he feels about sleeping in the bed soon.  It would certainly make my 2 am glucose checks easier!

Sunday evening was just relax and play, as it usually is. 
The weatherman just said, over my lunch break, that we may be able to expect temps around 55 degrees this weekend!!  I'm not sure what we're going to do, but we'll definitely be out enjoying some fresh air.
Matt mentioned driving to Sundance, WY, but I'm not sure if we'll do that or not.
Happy Hump Day to all my readers.  Hang in there, the weekend isn't far!

Fitness 2013: Week 8 (Feb 25-March 2)

I planned on "owning this week," and I wouldn't say I did that so much. I did get in 5 good workouts though, and I'm happy with that. :)

Sunday 2/24: REST

Monday 2/25: 3.21 miles (t)

Tuesday 2/26: 30 minutes, elliptical

Wednesday 2/27: REST

Thursday 2/28: 3.31 miles (t)

Friday 3/1: 30 minutes elliptical

Saturday 3/2: 3.31 mile run outside!!
The Black Hills are no joke!! Just sayin.

Miles for the week: 9.83
Miles for March: 9.83
Miles for 2013: 73.02

Monday, February 18, 2013

A New Routine??

Matt is off to Minneapolis for the week. I enjoy special mommy time with my boys, but its always exhausting to be the sole care-giver while daddy's away. I tried something a bit different this time (Matt has travelled quite a bit in the 3 years that we've had children).

Yesterday, I cooked most (if not all) of our food for the week. This way, all I have to do when we get home at 5:30 is warm it up and we're ready to eat! I'm excited. I made meatballs, cheesy potato casserole, BBQ shredded chicken, and we have leftover sloppy joes as well. I see no reason this much food shouldn't carry 1 adult and two toddlers through a week's worth of dinners??

I'm excited about the ease of weeknight dinners, and if it goes well, we may start doing this - to some extent - each week. Ill let you know how it goes this week!

Fitness 2012: Week 8 (Feb 17-23)

Sunday 2/17: Rest

Monday 2/18: 3.56 miles

Tuesday 2/19: 30 minutes living room cardio

Wednesday 2/20: REST

Thursday 2/21: 30 minutes living room cardio

Friday 2/22: 30 minutes elliptical

Saturday 2/23: 4.11 miles

Miles for the week: 7.67
Miles for February: 30.96
Miles for 2013: 63.19

I plan to fully own the upcoming week. I'm so very ready for summer, and I want a body I feel comfortable in once shorts weather gets here!!

Make healthy a priority, friends. :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

D-Talk: Big changes.

We met with our new pediatric endocrinologist on Wednesday.

Long story short, she changed every prescription, dosage, and process we knew (from our short three months of experience).

It has been overwhelming, and I feel like I'm re-learning everything.  It feels very similar to the information overload we experienced as we left the PICU.  However, I definitely feel like we are on the right track to improving Jameson's health here.

We are no longer using the long-acting insulin, Levamir.  That was switched to Lantus. 

We are no longer using the quick-acting insulin, Humalog.  That was switched to Novalog.

The Novalog is not administered through the pen we have been used to using.  I'm sure that regular Novalog is, but Jameson is now on a diluted Novalog dose.  The insulin we have is 1/10th the strength of regular insulin.  At first that seemed really weird to me, but it makes sense, now that I understand it!  With the dilute Novalog, we can give much more precise doses than we were giving.  Previously, we could only give full-strength insulin in 1/2 dose increments.  Now, we can give it in doses as small as 1/10th of a full-strength dose.  This is perfect for situations where he eats a very carb-ish food, but only eats a third of it.  We can now give a third of a full-strength dose, rather than not dosing at all, or giving a half unit.  This will allow for much better control of blood sugar readings.

So, since we don't give this dilute Novalog through the pen, we are now using syringes, which feels very old-fashioned to me, but it's ok.

With the dilute insulin comes a completely different correction chart for dosages.  Our old chart went in increments of 1/2 units for every 50 mg/dl of blood sugar.  This new chart goes in increments of 1/2 units for every 10 mg/dl of blood sugar.  I'll never have this one memorized, so I'm making several copies of it!  Also, we are supposed to cover his blood sugar and snacks between meals now, where we weren't doing that before.  This does mean more sugar checks, but he handles them awesome, and they really don't hurt. The between-meal dosage is different from the meal time dosage, as we give him 1/2 doses between meals. 

Carb coverage at meals before was 1 unit of insulin to every 15 grams of carbs he ate.  Now, at meals AND snacks, we dose 1 unit of (dilute) insulin for every 8 grams of carbs he eats.  So, that's different also.

Another new thing that happened this week is that, while we were at the doctor's office, the nurse helped me insert a port into Jameson's fatty tissue.  This time, it is inserted into his butt.  But we are able to insert it anywhere we were giving injections before - where there is fatty tissue.  I was very nervous to insert the port, as the needle is huge (compared to an insulin needle).  We put a numbing cream, called Emla, on his skin and let it sit for about 45 minutes.  Once you take off whatever was holding the cream on and wipe the skin, the area that had the numbing cream turns white, and you can see just where to insert the port.

It goes in similarly to an iv needle, except that I don't have to locate a vein.  It just has to go into fatty tissue, so it's not difficult at all.  (Just scary the first time!) The needle has a thin, hollow plastic tube around it.  The plastic tube and needle go in all as one motion, then you remove the needle, and the plastic tube is left in the skin, so it's nice and flexible, and moves with the body, all while the insulin gets delivered through the tube.  Then, when it's dose time, you just inject the insulin into the opening at the top of the tube, and Jameson doesn't have to get a skin poke each time he needs his insulin.  Pretty nifty!  The ports have to be changed every three days.  He cried a bit when we put it in, but it was short lived, and I think he'll much prefer not having to get 5 shots a day, but rather one poke every three days.

Dr. Edelen told us that, for whatever reason, if the liver is going to kick out glucose, it does it between the hours of 1 and 4 am, and it's important to watch the glucose readings during that time.  So, that means that I basically don't get to sleep through the night again until Jameson's old enough - and responsible enough - to check himself in the middle of the night.  I was doing 2 am checks right after diagnosis, but things seemed ok, so I kind of stopped doing them.  Now, with all the dosage changes and the plethora of new information I have, I have to do them nightly again.  I'm hoping Matt will help me once in a while. 

Once our insurance kicks in (March 1), we are going to look into getting him on the pump.  The doctor was very much on board with him being on one.  She feels it gives wonderful control over T1D, especially in very young patients.  So that's uber-exciting news.  We just have to find out how our new insurance will handle the disease.  Will they consider it a pre-existing condition, and not cover the $5k-$6k cost of a new pump?  If that's the case, we may have to get cobra (which I believe is retro-active to Matt's last day with his old job), and prove that we never took Jamers off the insurance, and then *maybe* the new insurance won't consider it a pre-existing condition.  And maybe they won't at all, since it's T1D and he's so young.  Who even knows.  Something we have to look into, obviously.

Is your head swimming?  Lucky for you, you can forget everything you read and carry on with life :) Despite my overwhelmed feelings, I'm armed with a lot of good information, and feel like we are moving in the right direction.  I just want my sweet boy to be happy and healthy, and he will be, I'm sure.

I'll leave you with my one main thought over the last few days: Type 1 Diabetes, you suck.  That's all.

Have a fantastic weekend!!



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fitness 2013: Week 7 (Feb 10 - 17)

So I missed blogging about the first 6 weeks of the year. Oopsie. I've been working out 4-5 days a week, but my food choices have been less than awesome.

I'm not sure why I went from awesome food self-control to virtually none, but I'm doing my best to get back on track.

Here are the workouts I got in this week!

Sun 2/10: 3.38 miles

Mon 2/11: 3.31 miles

Tues 2/12: 30 mins elliptical

Weds 2/13: rest

Thurs 2/14: 3.31 miles

Fri 2/15: 30 minutes on elliptical

Sat 2/16: 3.32 miles

Miles for the week: 13.33
Miles for February: 23.29
Miles for 2013: 55.52

This was a good workout week for me! Matt is heading to Minneapolis for the next four days, so ill be doing living room cardio this week.

Have a superb week, friends!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sioux Falls Visit

Not sure if anyone cares about my business travels, but you get a brief summary anyway.  You're welcome!

A&B Business has just started doing a new hire training class the first of every month.  In fact, the class I was in over the last two days was the inaugural one!  We learned the history of the business, and met most of the department heads.  I'm not sure what the new hires that will be working in SF (Sioux Falls) thought of it, but I know it was great for me, who is normally five hours away from SF. 

I was (and still am - who am I kidding) feeling a bit nervous and overwhelmed at all the information I've been taking into my brain over the last couple weeks of training I've had.  This visit to Sioux Falls did help me better understand the overall process of what I'll be doing.  I know I'll still have questions, but those would come for anyone, I suppose.

The business is changing direction a little bit (which all employees just learned this week).  Instead of just selling machines, we are going to also be selling "solutions," which basically means software.  With that change, some roles and titles are changing in the company.  I'm not quite sure how my role will change, but either way, I'm so happy to be a part of this company.  Everyone has been extremely nice and welcoming, and I look forward to working with them.

A really cool part of the training class took place this afternoon.  A&B Business also operates divisions called Cask & Cork (wine distributor) and h2U (pure water and coffee for business and residential customers).  This afternoon, we met Steve - the water manager - and he did a demonstration for us that showed what was really in the tap water you drink.  I've been drinking tap water my entire life, and for the last three years or so, I've been drinking about a half gallon of it every day. 

What Steve did was fill two glasses with water:  one from the tap and one with A&B Pure water.  Then, he put a filament in each glass and heated the water, which somehow separates the solids in the water (I don't know the science behind it all).  These are the glasses he showed us.
As you can probably guess, the glass on the left is the tap water, and the glass on the right is A&B Pure water.  Myself?  I tend not to let things like this scare me, and I'm sure I will continue to drink tap water.  But Joe and Sally out there in the community?  What a great sales tool, to show them these results!  Because seriously - gross.  Right?  Anyhoo, I thought it was a really cool "science experiment."

Tomorrow I am meeting with three more people, on a one-on-one basis to go over some things I need to learn, as my job is pretty much different from any other in the company, and I"m heading back to Rapid tomorrow afternoon/evening.  I figure that if I leave at 5, I'm home by 9 pm, with the change from central to mountain time. 

The hotel I've been staying at is pretty nice.  I didn't even think to bring my swim suit (which is too big for me anyway), but the pool area is amazing!  If I ever bring the kids to SF, we will be staying here!  The pool has zero depth entry, and there are three slides, lily pads, water mists, and a big snake to climb on in the middle of the pool.  It's so great!  There are rows of rooms that open directly to the pool area, too.  The fitness center is off the pool area, so I've walked through it every morning to go work out.  I'm sure I'll be staying here again next time I make a visit to SF, so I'll bring a swim suit next time and relax a bit in the jacuzzi!

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings last evening.  I wasn't thrilled about going by myself, but also didn't want to have to sit alone in my hotel room.  I felt the latter was even more depressing than going out to eat alone.  Ha!  So I sat at the bar and had the boneless wings I've been craving for weeks and a couple tall Blue Moons.  I got a cab, since I'm driving a company car, and it cost me a total of $20 (BDubs is close).  Not that bad, but I wasn't feeling another cab fare tonight, so I just went down to the sports bar here in the hotel.  The owner of A&B took us to lunch today and we actually ate at the other restaurant here in the hotel for lunch.  Ha!

It's been nice, during my time here "east river" to relax and not have to chase the toddlers around, but I miss those crazy toddlers and can't wait to smooch their smelly faces off when I get home!  I suppose the husband might get a smooch too.  ;)

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

D-Talk: Away for the 1st time

As I type this, I'm away from my Schmafes (one of my 154 nicknames for Jameson) for the first time since diagnosis. 

I'm currently in Sioux Falls, SD for new-hire training and meet-and-greet at our company headquarters.  The boys are in Rapid with daddy.

I'm not worried.  I know Matt will take good care of my baby.  But this is the first time I've spent any time away from my delicate boy at all since diagnosis.  Yikes.  I like being in control, this is just one of my characteristic traits.  So I'm not thrilled with being 340 miles away from my fat pig.  But like I said, I know he is in good hands, and that daddy is doing a fantastic job of taking care of him.

I plan on being home sometime Wednesday night.  I'm enjoying being able to lounge and not have to chase two young boys around, but I miss my crazy kiddos at the same time.  They are definitely where my heart is!

I got this sweet reminder when I tried to put on my boots for dinner, and couldn't get my feet inside: