Monday, February 4, 2013

D-Talk: Away for the 1st time

As I type this, I'm away from my Schmafes (one of my 154 nicknames for Jameson) for the first time since diagnosis. 

I'm currently in Sioux Falls, SD for new-hire training and meet-and-greet at our company headquarters.  The boys are in Rapid with daddy.

I'm not worried.  I know Matt will take good care of my baby.  But this is the first time I've spent any time away from my delicate boy at all since diagnosis.  Yikes.  I like being in control, this is just one of my characteristic traits.  So I'm not thrilled with being 340 miles away from my fat pig.  But like I said, I know he is in good hands, and that daddy is doing a fantastic job of taking care of him.

I plan on being home sometime Wednesday night.  I'm enjoying being able to lounge and not have to chase two young boys around, but I miss my crazy kiddos at the same time.  They are definitely where my heart is!

I got this sweet reminder when I tried to put on my boots for dinner, and couldn't get my feet inside:

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