Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sioux Falls Visit

Not sure if anyone cares about my business travels, but you get a brief summary anyway.  You're welcome!

A&B Business has just started doing a new hire training class the first of every month.  In fact, the class I was in over the last two days was the inaugural one!  We learned the history of the business, and met most of the department heads.  I'm not sure what the new hires that will be working in SF (Sioux Falls) thought of it, but I know it was great for me, who is normally five hours away from SF. 

I was (and still am - who am I kidding) feeling a bit nervous and overwhelmed at all the information I've been taking into my brain over the last couple weeks of training I've had.  This visit to Sioux Falls did help me better understand the overall process of what I'll be doing.  I know I'll still have questions, but those would come for anyone, I suppose.

The business is changing direction a little bit (which all employees just learned this week).  Instead of just selling machines, we are going to also be selling "solutions," which basically means software.  With that change, some roles and titles are changing in the company.  I'm not quite sure how my role will change, but either way, I'm so happy to be a part of this company.  Everyone has been extremely nice and welcoming, and I look forward to working with them.

A really cool part of the training class took place this afternoon.  A&B Business also operates divisions called Cask & Cork (wine distributor) and h2U (pure water and coffee for business and residential customers).  This afternoon, we met Steve - the water manager - and he did a demonstration for us that showed what was really in the tap water you drink.  I've been drinking tap water my entire life, and for the last three years or so, I've been drinking about a half gallon of it every day. 

What Steve did was fill two glasses with water:  one from the tap and one with A&B Pure water.  Then, he put a filament in each glass and heated the water, which somehow separates the solids in the water (I don't know the science behind it all).  These are the glasses he showed us.
As you can probably guess, the glass on the left is the tap water, and the glass on the right is A&B Pure water.  Myself?  I tend not to let things like this scare me, and I'm sure I will continue to drink tap water.  But Joe and Sally out there in the community?  What a great sales tool, to show them these results!  Because seriously - gross.  Right?  Anyhoo, I thought it was a really cool "science experiment."

Tomorrow I am meeting with three more people, on a one-on-one basis to go over some things I need to learn, as my job is pretty much different from any other in the company, and I"m heading back to Rapid tomorrow afternoon/evening.  I figure that if I leave at 5, I'm home by 9 pm, with the change from central to mountain time. 

The hotel I've been staying at is pretty nice.  I didn't even think to bring my swim suit (which is too big for me anyway), but the pool area is amazing!  If I ever bring the kids to SF, we will be staying here!  The pool has zero depth entry, and there are three slides, lily pads, water mists, and a big snake to climb on in the middle of the pool.  It's so great!  There are rows of rooms that open directly to the pool area, too.  The fitness center is off the pool area, so I've walked through it every morning to go work out.  I'm sure I'll be staying here again next time I make a visit to SF, so I'll bring a swim suit next time and relax a bit in the jacuzzi!

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings last evening.  I wasn't thrilled about going by myself, but also didn't want to have to sit alone in my hotel room.  I felt the latter was even more depressing than going out to eat alone.  Ha!  So I sat at the bar and had the boneless wings I've been craving for weeks and a couple tall Blue Moons.  I got a cab, since I'm driving a company car, and it cost me a total of $20 (BDubs is close).  Not that bad, but I wasn't feeling another cab fare tonight, so I just went down to the sports bar here in the hotel.  The owner of A&B took us to lunch today and we actually ate at the other restaurant here in the hotel for lunch.  Ha!

It's been nice, during my time here "east river" to relax and not have to chase the toddlers around, but I miss those crazy toddlers and can't wait to smooch their smelly faces off when I get home!  I suppose the husband might get a smooch too.  ;)

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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