Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Recap (Feb 22-24)

I've been a terrible momma to my blog-child lately!
It's been a while since I've done a weekend recap.  This past weekend was really low key.  Matt works every three weekends, and this was his weekend to work. 

Friday evening, we worked on picking up the house and getting everything in order for the weekend.  I made a batch of salsa, which I'm in love with.  :)  I also made cookie dough and tossed it in the fridge for the cookie shenanigans that were to come!  Jamers helped me a bit making the dough.

Saturday morning, after Matt headed to work, we broke out the cookie dough.  I was very impressed with Jameson when we were rolling out and cutting the dough.  He didn't eat any of it!  Every time he would get some on his fingers, he would say "icky," and I rolled with it, to discourage eating it!

We cut several crosses, eggs, bunnies, butterflies, and flowers and baked them.  They expanded way more in the oven than I expected them to!  Once they were cooled on Saturday evening, we frosted them.  I felt bad, but I left Jameson out of this part of the cookie shenanigans.  I knew the colored icing would be way too tempting for him, and once he tasted it, he wouldn't stop.  With icing being about 98% sugar, and no way to measure how much he was getting to give an appropriate insulin dose, I thought it would be easier to just do this part with Hendrix. 

So H and I decorated our cookies while daddy entertained J.

After our cookie party Saturday evening, Hendrix was getting bored and restless.  We decided to break out checkers.  Needless to say, the teaching part didn't go very well, but we tried! 

On Sunday morning, I went and got the mail.  We had a package from Shelbi, the girl who had Corduroy.  For those of you who don't know, Corduroy was hit by a car and killed a couple weeks ago.  Shelbi had this throw made for us.  I laid it out on the floor, and both boys basically dove into it, and started loving all over Corduroy.  It was just the sweetest and saddest thing!

I decorated my new iphone case with my Sharpies on Sunday also.  It has faded, and the colors have now turned to neon, but I still kind of love it!

We've decided to start transitioning Jameson out of his crib.  I'd LOVE to have him in a big boy bed by the beginning of summer.  We started small this weekend by napping him on a cot instead of his crib, or the pack n play.  Both Saturday and Sunday, he went to sleep without incident.  I may look into ordering toddler rails for the bottom bunk and see how he feels about sleeping in the bed soon.  It would certainly make my 2 am glucose checks easier!

Sunday evening was just relax and play, as it usually is. 
The weatherman just said, over my lunch break, that we may be able to expect temps around 55 degrees this weekend!!  I'm not sure what we're going to do, but we'll definitely be out enjoying some fresh air.
Matt mentioned driving to Sundance, WY, but I'm not sure if we'll do that or not.
Happy Hump Day to all my readers.  Hang in there, the weekend isn't far!


  1. Wondering what to do on a 55 degree weekend... go geocaching! I did a quick search for Rapid City and there are a BUNCH of caches in your area.

    Have a great day