Monday, March 4, 2013

Dreams of summertime....

I'm so very ready for summertime.  Here are the things I am currently missing most about summer:

Warm temperatures! -- I have just about had it with these 30 degree highs and the ridiculous wind chills.  The wind out here in Rapid City is crazy!  Last night, for example, our apartment was 76 degrees, so we opened the window for a bit.  Matt and I were just sitting in the living room, all was quiet, and the very next second, you could barely see the building across the way due to the impromptu sandstorm that blew up.  Tonight, the winds are supposed to gust up to 60 mph.  Over it!


Summer clothes! -- I hope to make a few skirts in the weeks remaining before temps get (and stay) warm.  And I can't wait to break out shorts and flip flops on the weekends. 

Camping! -- We are currently without any kind of camper, but hopefully that will change soon.  I miss being at a campground, sitting around a fire, eating camping food, and letting the kids get absolutely filthy from playing in the dirt.

Grilling! -- Oh, what I wouldn't give for a grilled burger and corn on the cob, potato salad, and a cold glass of iced tea.  Summer food rocks.

Sitting on the patio! -- Matt and I LOVED to sit out on our front porch in the evenings after we got the boys to bed at the house in Ohio.  I'm sure - as long as we are still in the apartment complex - that we will do the same thing here.  I'm guessing watching the sun fall behind the hills is a fairly breathtaking thing to watch. :)

Getting outside to play! -- We are definitely cooped up and stir-crazy.  I'm ready to just let the boys run off crazy amounts of energy outside every evening, and on the weekends.

Sightseeing! -- We obviously live in a hugely tourist-driven area, but the only sight we've seen so far has been Mt. Rushmore.  We are waiting on warmer temps to venture out and see the other sights.

It's March, and that means only about 6 more weeks of cold temps.  Right now I feel like I can't stand another day of cold weather, let alone 6 more weeks, but I know it will pass quickly, as long as we keep busy.  Keeping busy is never a problem for us.

What about you?  What are you looking forward to, with the arrival of warm temperatures?


  1. Definitely ready for some grilling. We don't do a lot of camping anymore, but we do have reservations for the KOA in South Bend this May. It is really nice to get the kids outside, being cooped up drives everyone crazy. I'm also looking forward to some fishing and of course geocaching. We will have our 16th anniversary this July and usually take a short trip for that also. I don't however look forward to mowing the lawn, but I can deal with that.
    p.s. I like this page better (its easier to read) Have a great day.

    1. I agree, Nathan, the new layout is easier to read. :)

      We just got into camping last summer, and fell in love. We haven't done any geocaching in a while, but I hope to get out and "find some treasures" as Hendrix calls it this spring!