Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fitness 2013 (3/10 - 3/16)

I'm pretty ready to scribble a line through this week and move on to the next one!  IT's been a week riddled with sickness and a lack of work-outs.

Sunday 3/10:  REST!

Monday 3/11: REST - I had a bout of the flu

Tuesday 3/12: REST - still getting over the flu

Wednesday 3/13: REST - only feeling about 80%, and I was up several times the previous night with a terrible stomach ache

Thursday 3/14: 3.21 miles (t)

Friday 3/15: REST - up about 3 times in the night with sick Jameson

Saturday 3/16: 3.36 miles (t)

Miles for the week: 6.56
Miles for March: 20.53
Miles for 2013: 89.94

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