Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fitness 2013 (3/17-3/23)

This week was much better in terms of my workouts.  There were donuts and cookies a-plenty at work this week, and my self-control wasn't the greatest, but as long as I continue to drink my water and get my workouts in, I see no problem indulging in sweets occasionally.  What's life without any donuts or cookies, after all??

Sun 3/17: REST

Mon 3/18: 3.65 miles (t)

Tues 3/19: 30 minutes cardio and abs
This was done in the living room - Hendrix had to stay home sick from daycare, and Matt went into work super early.  I hate living room workouts!

Weds 3/20: Rest

Thurs 3/21: 3.25 miles (t)

Fri 3/22: 30 minutes elliptical

Sat 3/23: 3.25 miles (t)

Miles for the week: 10.15 miles
Miles for March: 30.68
Miles for 2013: 100.09

I'm so excited that the year is only a quarter of the way over, and I'm already over 100 miles!  If I keep this pace up, I can log 400 miles in 2013!

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