Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our awesome weather weekend! (Mar 1-3)

I try to remember - on a regular basis - how blessed I really am.  But this weekend was one of those times that really reminded me of how lucky I am.  I don't need a gazillion dollars, or a house/garage full of expensive "items."  I have everything I need in my little testosterone-heavy family, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.
The weekend started out on such a happy note because we received these bad boys in the mail!!

After being without health insurance since January 4th, you can imagine how happy we were to finally be insured again!  We were definitely lucky not to have had any catastrophic things happed in those 6 weeks with Jamers.  Or Hendrix for that matter.  He isn't exactly Mr. Graceful.  Ha!
Friday evening, we did a whole lot of nothing.  I was going to make breakfast for dinner, but after a very long week at work for both Matt and I, we decided to bring home Little Ceaser's and just relax.  It was pretty great.
I started out Saturday with a 3.31 mile run OUTSIDE!  It was my first time running outside since we've been in Rapid City.  It felt darn good....while I was running.  Let me tell you, the Black Hills are no joke though!  My hips are very sore today!  I got this lovely view at the top of one of my hill-climbs.

As I was walking back up to the apartment after my run, I spotted about 6 bunnies hopping around the yard.  That, combined with the skunk we smelled while out on some errands today are sure signs pointing to spring! YAY!

Hendrix tends to sleep in until around 8 on the weekends, and I couldn't resist this adorable picture of him, still sacked out at 8 on Saturday morning.  He is just the most handsome man, I'm telling you what.  He's going to break some serious hearts some day.

The high on Saturday was supposed to be 55.  Once we all got showered and ready, we headed to one of the nicer parks in town.  So did about 10 other families. :)  The boys had a lot of fun playing, and the temps were gorgeous!

Saturday evening, Matt and I got out on a date for the first time in probably four months!  Matt has a co-worker who has a 17 or 18 year old daughter.  She graduated high school a semester early, and seems to really have it together.  I am quite impressed with her.  I was nervous about getting a sitter, of course, but we didn't go out until about 7:30, so we fed the boys dinner, and were able to dose Jameson for dinner, and also give him his evening Lantus dose.  All the sitter had to do was check his sugar at bedtime, and it was under 200, so we were happy with that.  The boys were wonderfully behaved, and she was happy to babysit them, and told us she'd come back any time.  Yay!
Matt and I went to the Firehouse Brewing Company.  It's one of the touristy-type restaurants downtown, but since we're still new to the area, we decided to check it out.  The food was average, but it was enjoyable.  We both ordered a beer sampler, and I finally admitted to myself that I enjoy dark beer now.  Crazy....

After dinner, we walked a couple blocks to Independent Ale House.  It was a really cool bar with a very "chill" atmosphere, which is exactly the type of bar we were looking for.  We each had 1 beer there, then headed home, because we couldn't think of anything else to do.  Haha.  We're so old!  It was a really enjoyable evening though.
On Sunday, we relaxed, and went for froyo after lunch.  I had bribed (yes, I admit it) Hendrix with ice cream if he behaved for RaeAnne (the babysitter) and stayed in bed when she told him it was bedtime.  He was perfect, so I held up my end of the bargain.  It was tough because, you know, froyo is just sooooo gross and everything. :D

Sunday afternoon, after nap/quiet time, we went outside for a little bit.  I snapped this picture of Jameson leaving our apartment.  He hates hats, but for some reason, insisted on wearing Hendrix's ball cap.  Cutest thing ever.

After playing outside, we had turkey burgers and tater tots for dinner, then just relaxed.  Matt finally joined the iphone world this weekend, so he and Hendrix played Angry Birds on his phone for a long time. 

I had my nightly snuggle hour with the J'ster, then put him to bed because he was getting way too grouchy.  But the difference in bedtime on this night was that I put Jameson to bed in the bottom bunk!!  He fell asleep in no time at all, and didn't give me any kind of difficulty.  I've been napping him on a cot instead of his crib for the past two weekends, and I just feel like it's time to grow him up a bit.  He's ready for a big boy bed, and it will make 2 AM sugar checks much easier on momma's back!
I truly enjoyed my three boys this weekend, and am in utter defiance of the fact that tomorrow is Monday.  But.....back to the grind, I guess.  I usually try to set some kind of goal for the week.  This week is just to eat healthy and not snack so dang much.  I've been doing a terrible job at that lately.
I hope everyone has a great week and can accomplish what they want/need to.  Take care, friends!


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  1. Nothing better than running, beer, and froyo!!! I can't wait until you start discovering all the fun places you have to run out there!