Thursday, March 7, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - March, week 1

A few of the blogs I follow do weekly picture posts.  I'm bound and determined to actually complete a #photoaday month.  I figured I would combine the two, and just start doing Wordless Wednesday posts each week (I know I'm a day late this week....oops).
For those of you who aren't familiar with the #photoaday, there is a blog out there by fatmumslim, and she thought up this game/program/whatever you want to call it where she publishes a list each month of prompts to use and you take a picture each day, using her prompt for inspiration.  Then, you share your picture by whatever means you choose, whether it be facebook, twitter, instagram, blog, etc.
For my photos, I will try to just put the prompt, but there will be times where it needs a slight bit of extra explanation to make sense to anyone other than me!  So if you see a word or phrase followed by "....." then you know that the second part is just my explanation of the photo. 
SO!!! Without further adieu, here are my first 6 photos from #fmsphotoaday !!



In next week's WW post, I will do the #fmsphotoaday pictures, and I'll add any other fun pictures that I feel like sharing.  Sound good?  I'm excited!


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