Monday, April 29, 2013

Personal Challenge - May

Despite my - ahem - lack of success in April, I'm doing another personal challenge in May!  This one is not as objectively measured as last month's challenge, but I promise I'll be honest.

I tend to let little things irritate me until they turn into big things.  I do this especially badly with pet peeves.....that normally have to do with my husband.  Ok I'll admit it, I give my husband a harder time than he deserves.  He's a good man and a great daddy.  I really need to stop getting so irritated when he gets out a box of cereal and doesn't put it back, or makes a smart comment, or plays a little too rough with the boys (that's 100% my opinion, of course).

So!  That being said, my personal challenge for the month of May is going to be: to let things go!  When I feel myself starting to get mad - and I mean beyond the point of mild irritation - I am going to try to take a few deep breaths, and just let it go.  Under most circumstances, the problem is with me and if something isn't the way I like it, it's just quicker and easier to just "fix" it myself!

Like I mentioned above - this challenge isn't as "measurable" as April's challenge was, but I'll be honest about how I handle things.  I'm starting to practice my deep breathing now!  Haha.

How will you challenge yourself this coming month?


I almost forgot - I'm also going to try and do another full #fms #photoaday challenge! Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fitness 2013: April 21-27

Sunday April 21  REST DAY

Monday April 22: 3.40 miles + ab work

Tuesday April 23: 30 minutes elliptical + ab work

Wednesday April 24: 23 minutes of living room cardio dance
NOTE:  Wednesday is usually my rest day, but I got my new Polar FT4 heart rate monitor and couldn't wait to test it out!  I've been guessing that I burned somewhere around 250 calories doing my living room cardio.  Turns out I only burned 181 - poop! 

Thursday April 25: 3.65 miles
Ok, I am LOVING my new Polar watch.  Apparently it talks to the treadmill heart rate monitor as well, because the two were spot on the whole run.  422 calories burned before 6 AM.  Whoop!

Friday April 26: 3.65 miles

Saturday April 27: 4.00 miles

Miles for the week: 14.70
Miles for April: 41.85
Miles for 2013: 151.61

This was a good mileage week for me! Im really loving my Polar ft4 heart rate monitor.  Its allowing me to enjoy my workouts a bit more.
Here's to a healthy week, friends!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Personal Challenge - April Recap

Remember how I issued myself a personal challenge for April?

One word: failure. (I know the month isn't over yet, but let's be real, people - it's not gonna happen!)

I'm not afraid to admit defeat, but I'm sad that I have to do it in this instance!

I did great for the first week of April.  I did decent during the second week.  Then, I travelled to Sioux Falls for a business trip, and my eating habits in general went down the trash can.  Unfortunately, they haven't improved much since then.

SO!!!!!  I'm not giving up on this challenge, despite the end of the month approaching.  I have something completely different in mind for my May challenge, but I am going to continue to work on eating less sugar, and eating healthier foods in general.

I count calories every day of my life, and have been limiting calories as much as possible.  But as I try to work toward building more muscle tone and definition into my core, I know that I need to focus more on giving my body the nutrition that it needs, rather than cutting calories in as many ways as I can, which has - in the past few weeks - resulted in binging on sugar and junk food anyway.

So that's where I stand.  Having failed to achieve my April goal, but not accepting it as a final defeat.  I'm still a work-in-progress.  As I heard a couple weeks ago at a conference, "If you're not growing, you're dying."

Time to keep growing, people. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

D-Talk: Pump Practice

We had our diabetic education this morning, and little Mr. Jameson is all hooked up and plugged in!  We are just practicing entering carbs and bolus doses into the pump with saline solution for a week so that we are comfortable with the process before moving on to the real deal!

Jameson has a holster that fits over his shoulders and around his torso.  It has a little pouch in the back that the pump fits in.  This way, he can't mess with the pump or try to pull it out and play with it.  (He really likes his "phone pump!")  He has been wearing the pump in his holster for about two weeks now, so he's definitely used to that.  He sleeps with it and we have no trouble.

Today, when we hooked him all up, he was quite interested in his infusion set, which we currently have placed in his tummy, and the tubing that was coming out of it.  He didn't mess with it too much, though, and listened quite well when we told him not to pull on it.

The kind of infusion sets we chose have inserters, which is really nice compared to the insuflon ports we have been using, that have to be inserted manually.  To insert the infusion set, you pull back on the kit to "lock", then squeeze to "load."  Ha!  It basically "shoots" the needle into the skin. (We are still using Emla, which is a numbing cream.) Once you assure that the sticky piece is adhered to the skin, you pull the little kit off, and you're ready to hook up and pump.

Maybe I can get a video of the next infusion set change, because I realize that description probably made no sense whatsoever. :)

When the tubing is not hooked up, the infusion set looks like a little button on his tummy (or wherever we place it).  We call it his little "super hero button."

So that's where we are right now.  A week of practice-pumping, then the real deal starts on Monday.  It'll be a good thing for our Jamers.  Fewer needle pokes, and the infusion sets seem much less mean than the insuflon ports we are currently using.

This photo gives a good idea of how small the cannulas are on the infusion sets.


The superhero button!  This is where the cannula is actually inserted in his skin, and the site of the insulin delivery.

Oh, and this is also happening - yikes!

Sigh....he's going to be a school-aged, food-sneaking little monster before we know it!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Resting Heart Rate

How fun is this chart?!?
I took my pulse for 30 seconds today, and doubled it, to get my resting heart rate.  Turns out I'm an athlete. :)  My resting heart rate is 58. 

What's yours?
Stay healthy, my friends!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fitness 2013: April 14 - 20

Sunday April 14: REST

Monday April 15: 30 minutes elliptical + abs/core work

Tuesday April 16: 30 minutes elliptical + abs/core work
My left knee is bothering me, so I went low-impact  on the elliptical again.  Boo.

Wednesday April 17: 3.25miles + 10 minutes of abs/core work

Thursday April 18: REST

Friday April 19: 30 minutes elliptical

Saturday April 20: 3.35 miles + abs/core work

Miles for the week: 6.60
Miles for April: 27.15
Miles for 2013: 136.91

 I Ordered a heart-rate monitor today, and am so excited to get it!  I cant wait to see an accurate reading of how many calories i burn in a given workout, then ramp it up heading into summer!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fitness 2013: April 7-13

I had a great week in terms of my exercise.  I've started adding in core and muscle work in hopes that I can tone up a bit in the coming weeks leading up to swim-suit season.  I hope to share some sweet before and after pictures here in a couple months!

Sunday 04/07: REST

Monday 04/08: 3.25 mile run

Tuesday 04/09: 30 minutes cardio and cross-fit in the living room

Wednesday 04/10: 20 minutes of ab and core work. I'm definitely feeling the DOMS between yesterday's crossfit and today's ab work!

Thursday 04/11: 3.15 miles + 10 minutes of core and leg work

Friday 04/12: 3.30 miles + 20 minutes of core and leg work

Saturday 04/13: living room crossfit

Miles for the week: 9.70 miles
Miles for April: 20.55
Miles for 2013: 130.31

Happy healthy choices this week, friends! #makehealthyapriority

April Personal Challenge - Week 2

I had cheated Sunday night, the 7th, with a bite size Twix bar after dinner, then proceeded to have a stellar week with my food choices, water intake, and exercise after that.

Then, this past weekend happened.  I'm quite upset with myself, but I kind of went crazy with the sugar. 

I'm not giving up though.  I know that I will have to start over with the sugar-withdrawal (which is a real thing, people), but I'm ready to take it on.  It's scary what an addictive substance sugar is for me.

Send good sugar-less vibes me way, friends, because I'll need them!

I'm going to be in a hotel for two nights this week for work, which will present its own challenge to me, but I'm going to give it my best.  April is halfway over, and I would really love to end this month on a positive note.  Three cheat days out of 30 isn't too terrible, I suppose.  We'll see.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm free! And a yummy pizza!

While all of you midwesterners have been enjoying your 70 degree days (and incessantly posting about them on facebook), we got pummeled with a foot of snow over the last two days here in western South Dakota.
I'm not complaining too much - we are in desperate need of moisture here.  Previous to this snow storm, there wasn't really a speck of green to be seen here, other than the evergreen trees, and even they looked sad.  The grass was straw-brown, and crunched under your feet.  As a camping family, burn bans are not what you want to deal with during the summer!!
However, being cooped up in an apartment with two toddlers for two days can wear on a person. :)  Neither Matt nor I were able to get out and go to work Tuesday or Wednesday.  Last evening, the grounds maintenance crew was finally able to get out and clean things up.  Hats off to them - I can imagine how sore their bodies are today after snowblowing and shoveling for hours on end!
This was the view of the patio down below us.

This is what I *attempted* to walk through on Tuesday morning to get to the fitness center.  I probably don't have to tell you that I didn't make it!

I ventured outside Wednesday morning to see if chances of getting to work were any better.  Yeah, that was a negative.

When you can't even get out of the apartment building  let alone the parking lot, chances of going to work aren't good.  In fact, my office was closed on Wednesday.

I was in a pickle for lunch on Wednesday, so I did what every stuck-in-the-house mom would do: scoured Pinterest!  I found a recipe for a spinach pizza crust.  I had some frozen spinach in the freezer, but no pepperoni or mozzarella cheese, so I just used deli ham and colby jack cheese. 
I'm not going to lie, I didn't have high hopes for this "pizza." 
I was pleasantly surprised!  It definitely had a different texture than pizza crust, and if you concentrated on it, you could taste the "green-ness" of it.  But the sauce, cheese, and ham definitely made it taste like a pizza, too!  The kids and Matt loved it too!
The "crust" was a little floppy, and I would recommend eating this pizza with a fork, rather than your hands, but it was so very tasty!  The best part?  I ate two slices and it only cost me 200 calories (and 0 carbs for Jameson)!  And I felt full for a good three hours on those 200 calories.  Love it!
I will definitely be making this again!

I'm very glad we were able to dig out and get back among the living, even if the living still has several feet of snow shoved up into piles all around the city. 
Happy Thursday, friends!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday ( April 1 - April 9)

April!  Spring time!  Flowers!  Rain!  (Well, hopefully rain, because you can't walk on the grass without hearing cruching around these South Dakotan parts...)
I'm going to attempt my second #photoaday challenge in a row. Here are the first few days, my friends.  Enjoy!



This is supposed to say "Day 5," not "Day 3." Oopsie.




Monday, April 8, 2013

April Personal Challenge - Week 1

Do you remember how I issued myself a personal challenge at the end of March?

I did well and I did terribly for the first week of my challenge, and I discovered something that I'm not loving.

How did I do well?  I did not eat anything other than a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt after dinner once this first week!

How did I do terribly?  I made excuses for myself to load up on sugary junk during other parts of the day (i.e. after lunch, or a bite-size Twix bar on the way out the door to work).

What did I learn?  Sugar is an addictive and habit-forming substance in my life.  That probably sounds worse than it really is.  I suppose there are far worse things I could be addicted to.  And I should state from the get-go that I am NOT anti-sugar.  I know lots of people are, but I'm not. 

But I found myself walking to the kitchen to grab a handful of something sugary on more than one occasion - without even thinking about it.  I don't binge on sugar, I just grab a handful of animal crackers, mini-marshmallows, a couple pieces of candy, etc.  And I don't give it a second thought.

This past week required me to catch myself in the act and really make an effort not to do it.

So from here, I will continue to work on my sugar self-control, or lack thereof.  They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, and I'm only on day 6.  Wish me luck as I continue!

Weekend Recap ( 4/5-4/7)

I haven't done a weekend recap in a while, because I haven't had anything interesting to recap!
But we actually got out of the house and did a few things this past weekend, so I have fun pictures to share. :)
We got Jameson's insulin pump on Thursday!  Along with the pump came several boxes of diabetes supplies, which required a linen closet/medicine cabinet re-organization.  Hey, you improvise when you move from a 4-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment.....
It now looks nice and pretty though, thanks to my ever-exciting Friday night adventures!! Those D-supplies have their very own home on that 2nd shelf there! (And yes, we do in fact keep an industrial size flashlight in the linen closet.  See last line of above paragraph!)

I gave Jameson his pump, and he just thought it was the coolest little gadget!  He kept calling it a phone, and putting it up to his ear, saying "hello!!"

We get a monthly newsletter from the boys' daycare, and our Hendrix was featured this month.  The boy can color - you'll see what I mean a few pictures down.

There was a Kids Fair at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center this weekend, so we thought we'd try it out.  I was disappointed - it wasn't much to get excited about, but it was nice to get out of the house for a few hours, anyway.
There was a little train that was giving short rides around one of the hallways of the Civic Center, so we took a ride.  The boys really liked it!

Another of the booths had a piece of heavy equipment used by the Black Hills Power Company, so we climbed up and explored that a little bit.

We wandered around the Kids Fair for about 40 minutes, then decided to head out.  We were going to go to the Pizza Ranch!  We tried to eat there on Easter, but they were closed.  So due to that, we were pretty hyped up, as we'd had our minds set on it for over a week!
It.  Was.  Delicious.
I'm so proud of how the boys behaved.  Hendrix didn't eat much, which didn't come as a surprise, but Jameson pigged out (insulin was our friend) and both boys behaved as little gentlemen, and it was a really pleasant (and delicious) experience, overall.  It gave me hope that we CAN get outside of the 4 walls of our house and do stuff as a family! 

Sunday morning, Matt worked.  I needed to go to Sam's Club, so off we headed, the boys and I.  Rare moment when the two aren't pulling hair, hitting, or pinching.  Love this!

After that errand, we headed home,  and Hendrix decided he wanted to color, after lunch.  See what I mean about his coloring ability?  At not-yet-three-and-a-half, I'm pretty proud of his ability to stay in the lines!  After he was done with this picture, he put it on the fridge all by himself.  And rightfully so - he colored the entire picture, and sat there working on it for a good 40 minutes!

Sunday, after nap time, we randomly decided to drive Needles Highway.  Turns out we should have done a little research before driving an hour one way to get to the highway that turned out to be closed, since it is not maintained in the winter months.  Ugh. 
We did see some cool sights on the way there, though, along with a very pretty rainbow.

It was a nice end to a nice weekend.  The weather was very mild all weekend, and today we're staring down the barrel of a giant snow storm.  Boo hiss.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week and you can accomplish your goals and cross things off your to-do lists!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fitness 2013: March 31 - April 6

Can you believe we're into April already?  Swim suit season is a mere 8 weeks away!!!  Eeep!  Time to get crackin' if you haven't already!

I'm going to continue on my 5-days-a-week workout plan, and am taking the first step to highly reduce the amount of sugar I consume.  Hopefully I can firm up my core a bit before June hits.

Sunday 03/31: REST

Monday 04/01: 3.25 miles (t)

Tuesday 04/02: 30 minutes on the elliptical

Wednesday 04/03: 20 minutes of ab work

Thursday 04/04: 3.25 miles

Friday 04/05: 3.25 miles

Saturday 04/06: 30 minutes elliptical + 1.10 miles

Miles for the week: 10.85 miles
Miles for April: 10.85 miles
Miles for 2013: 120.61
Im happy with another good workout week!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday (3/28 - 3/31)

Well, ladies and gents, it's official - I finally completed a #photoaday challenge!!!!!
(Yes, I realize it's April 5th and I'm just now publishing the last week of March - get off my back! LOL)
I'm excited to do another photo challenge for April.  Do you peeps enjoy these as much as I enjoy doing them?  I love taking little peeks into other people's lives, but maybe I'm weird.
Ha! Have a great weekend, my friends!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

D-Talk: Pump Time!

Today marks 5 months from diagnosis.  Some days it feels like we just started this whole crazy train ride yesterday.  Other days it feels like we've been doing it for years.
We saw the endocrinologist on Friday, March 22nd, and talked pumps.  We were given three options to choose from, and based on the facts that it's waterproof, it's lockable, and that it has a remote, we chose the Animas OneTouch Ping.  I asked Jameson if he wanted green or blue, and he shouted a resounding "bue!" about 5 times.  Hehehe, he's so dang cute. (The infusion sets also come in blue!)

So I ordered the pump, and just got off the phone with the medical equipment company a few minutes ago.  The pump should arrive on Thursday!
We are going to be getting our test strips for only $23.10 per month now, which is significantly lower than what we were paying (thanks to the fact that the little smaller-than-a-cell-phone device you see above completely annihilated our deductible!).
When I talked to the diabetic educator at our last appointment, she said once the pump arrives, we have to track every carb and every insulin dose that goes into Jameson's body for at least 6 days.  We have to test his blood sugar approximately every 2 hours around the clock for that same time period.  This way, we get a super accurate picture of how his body responds to carbs and insulin.  Then, he will wear the pump with just saline solution in it for a week, to get used to wearing it.  That will be interesting......
Once we've completed our little "research period," and he's used to the pump, we will transition him to be a full-time pumper!  Which means no more basal insulin doses twice a day - yay!  He also won't have to slow down and stop while we dose him 4-6 times each day, which tends to take longer than we'd like with these ports he's been wearing, because sometimes the syringe needle doesn't want to go into the port very well.  We will be able to lock the buttons on the actual pump he's wearing, and dose him from across the room with our nifty little remote.  How cool is that?
I'm excited, and also nervous about this transition.  It's going to be an interesting challenge to get a very curious 1-year-old to leave this little box alone, and understand that it's attached to his body and has to stay there.  (I'm already working out ideas to sew a holster-type of device so that the pump is out of his reach!)  I'm sure he'll do great, though, and before we know it, this little life-saving device will just be a normal part of life. 
Wish us luck!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fitness 2013: March 24 - 30

Sunday 3/24: REST - the kids and I slept until 7:45 - yahoo!!!

Monday 3/25: 3.25 miles (t)

Tuesday 3/26: 1.75 miles on the treadmill + 15 minutes on the elliptical
Legs were total jello after this workout!c

Wednesday 3/27: REST

Thursday 3/28: 3.25 miles (t)

Friday 3/29: 3.25 miles

Saturday 3/30: 1.76 miles (t) + 15 minutes elliptical

Miles for the week: 13.26
Miles for March: 40.05
Miles for 2013: 109.76
Over 100 miles in the first quarter of the year.  This makes me happy!