Monday, April 15, 2013

April Personal Challenge - Week 2

I had cheated Sunday night, the 7th, with a bite size Twix bar after dinner, then proceeded to have a stellar week with my food choices, water intake, and exercise after that.

Then, this past weekend happened.  I'm quite upset with myself, but I kind of went crazy with the sugar. 

I'm not giving up though.  I know that I will have to start over with the sugar-withdrawal (which is a real thing, people), but I'm ready to take it on.  It's scary what an addictive substance sugar is for me.

Send good sugar-less vibes me way, friends, because I'll need them!

I'm going to be in a hotel for two nights this week for work, which will present its own challenge to me, but I'm going to give it my best.  April is halfway over, and I would really love to end this month on a positive note.  Three cheat days out of 30 isn't too terrible, I suppose.  We'll see.

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