Tuesday, April 23, 2013

D-Talk: Pump Practice

We had our diabetic education this morning, and little Mr. Jameson is all hooked up and plugged in!  We are just practicing entering carbs and bolus doses into the pump with saline solution for a week so that we are comfortable with the process before moving on to the real deal!

Jameson has a holster that fits over his shoulders and around his torso.  It has a little pouch in the back that the pump fits in.  This way, he can't mess with the pump or try to pull it out and play with it.  (He really likes his "phone pump!")  He has been wearing the pump in his holster for about two weeks now, so he's definitely used to that.  He sleeps with it and we have no trouble.

Today, when we hooked him all up, he was quite interested in his infusion set, which we currently have placed in his tummy, and the tubing that was coming out of it.  He didn't mess with it too much, though, and listened quite well when we told him not to pull on it.

The kind of infusion sets we chose have inserters, which is really nice compared to the insuflon ports we have been using, that have to be inserted manually.  To insert the infusion set, you pull back on the kit to "lock", then squeeze to "load."  Ha!  It basically "shoots" the needle into the skin. (We are still using Emla, which is a numbing cream.) Once you assure that the sticky piece is adhered to the skin, you pull the little kit off, and you're ready to hook up and pump.

Maybe I can get a video of the next infusion set change, because I realize that description probably made no sense whatsoever. :)

When the tubing is not hooked up, the infusion set looks like a little button on his tummy (or wherever we place it).  We call it his little "super hero button."

So that's where we are right now.  A week of practice-pumping, then the real deal starts on Monday.  It'll be a good thing for our Jamers.  Fewer needle pokes, and the infusion sets seem much less mean than the insuflon ports we are currently using.

This photo gives a good idea of how small the cannulas are on the infusion sets.


The superhero button!  This is where the cannula is actually inserted in his skin, and the site of the insulin delivery.

Oh, and this is also happening - yikes!

Sigh....he's going to be a school-aged, food-sneaking little monster before we know it!

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