Tuesday, April 2, 2013

D-Talk: Pump Time!

Today marks 5 months from diagnosis.  Some days it feels like we just started this whole crazy train ride yesterday.  Other days it feels like we've been doing it for years.
We saw the endocrinologist on Friday, March 22nd, and talked pumps.  We were given three options to choose from, and based on the facts that it's waterproof, it's lockable, and that it has a remote, we chose the Animas OneTouch Ping.  I asked Jameson if he wanted green or blue, and he shouted a resounding "bue!" about 5 times.  Hehehe, he's so dang cute. (The infusion sets also come in blue!)

So I ordered the pump, and just got off the phone with the medical equipment company a few minutes ago.  The pump should arrive on Thursday!
We are going to be getting our test strips for only $23.10 per month now, which is significantly lower than what we were paying (thanks to the fact that the little smaller-than-a-cell-phone device you see above completely annihilated our deductible!).
When I talked to the diabetic educator at our last appointment, she said once the pump arrives, we have to track every carb and every insulin dose that goes into Jameson's body for at least 6 days.  We have to test his blood sugar approximately every 2 hours around the clock for that same time period.  This way, we get a super accurate picture of how his body responds to carbs and insulin.  Then, he will wear the pump with just saline solution in it for a week, to get used to wearing it.  That will be interesting......
Once we've completed our little "research period," and he's used to the pump, we will transition him to be a full-time pumper!  Which means no more basal insulin doses twice a day - yay!  He also won't have to slow down and stop while we dose him 4-6 times each day, which tends to take longer than we'd like with these ports he's been wearing, because sometimes the syringe needle doesn't want to go into the port very well.  We will be able to lock the buttons on the actual pump he's wearing, and dose him from across the room with our nifty little remote.  How cool is that?
I'm excited, and also nervous about this transition.  It's going to be an interesting challenge to get a very curious 1-year-old to leave this little box alone, and understand that it's attached to his body and has to stay there.  (I'm already working out ideas to sew a holster-type of device so that the pump is out of his reach!)  I'm sure he'll do great, though, and before we know it, this little life-saving device will just be a normal part of life. 
Wish us luck!

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  1. Good to hear, very exciting. We didn't have to go through that much testing and the saline, but starting a 10 year old is a little different. Also baby socks hold pumps well, Kaylan use to baby pin a baby sock to her nightgown to wear it when she slept. I'm sure Kaylan and Ajay can share all kinds of tips.

    Good luck