Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fitness 2013: April 14 - 20

Sunday April 14: REST

Monday April 15: 30 minutes elliptical + abs/core work

Tuesday April 16: 30 minutes elliptical + abs/core work
My left knee is bothering me, so I went low-impact  on the elliptical again.  Boo.

Wednesday April 17: 3.25miles + 10 minutes of abs/core work

Thursday April 18: REST

Friday April 19: 30 minutes elliptical

Saturday April 20: 3.35 miles + abs/core work

Miles for the week: 6.60
Miles for April: 27.15
Miles for 2013: 136.91

 I Ordered a heart-rate monitor today, and am so excited to get it!  I cant wait to see an accurate reading of how many calories i burn in a given workout, then ramp it up heading into summer!

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