Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fitness 2013: April 21-27

Sunday April 21  REST DAY

Monday April 22: 3.40 miles + ab work

Tuesday April 23: 30 minutes elliptical + ab work

Wednesday April 24: 23 minutes of living room cardio dance
NOTE:  Wednesday is usually my rest day, but I got my new Polar FT4 heart rate monitor and couldn't wait to test it out!  I've been guessing that I burned somewhere around 250 calories doing my living room cardio.  Turns out I only burned 181 - poop! 

Thursday April 25: 3.65 miles
Ok, I am LOVING my new Polar watch.  Apparently it talks to the treadmill heart rate monitor as well, because the two were spot on the whole run.  422 calories burned before 6 AM.  Whoop!

Friday April 26: 3.65 miles

Saturday April 27: 4.00 miles

Miles for the week: 14.70
Miles for April: 41.85
Miles for 2013: 151.61

This was a good mileage week for me! Im really loving my Polar ft4 heart rate monitor.  Its allowing me to enjoy my workouts a bit more.
Here's to a healthy week, friends!

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