Monday, April 15, 2013

Fitness 2013: April 7-13

I had a great week in terms of my exercise.  I've started adding in core and muscle work in hopes that I can tone up a bit in the coming weeks leading up to swim-suit season.  I hope to share some sweet before and after pictures here in a couple months!

Sunday 04/07: REST

Monday 04/08: 3.25 mile run

Tuesday 04/09: 30 minutes cardio and cross-fit in the living room

Wednesday 04/10: 20 minutes of ab and core work. I'm definitely feeling the DOMS between yesterday's crossfit and today's ab work!

Thursday 04/11: 3.15 miles + 10 minutes of core and leg work

Friday 04/12: 3.30 miles + 20 minutes of core and leg work

Saturday 04/13: living room crossfit

Miles for the week: 9.70 miles
Miles for April: 20.55
Miles for 2013: 130.31

Happy healthy choices this week, friends! #makehealthyapriority

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