Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm free! And a yummy pizza!

While all of you midwesterners have been enjoying your 70 degree days (and incessantly posting about them on facebook), we got pummeled with a foot of snow over the last two days here in western South Dakota.
I'm not complaining too much - we are in desperate need of moisture here.  Previous to this snow storm, there wasn't really a speck of green to be seen here, other than the evergreen trees, and even they looked sad.  The grass was straw-brown, and crunched under your feet.  As a camping family, burn bans are not what you want to deal with during the summer!!
However, being cooped up in an apartment with two toddlers for two days can wear on a person. :)  Neither Matt nor I were able to get out and go to work Tuesday or Wednesday.  Last evening, the grounds maintenance crew was finally able to get out and clean things up.  Hats off to them - I can imagine how sore their bodies are today after snowblowing and shoveling for hours on end!
This was the view of the patio down below us.

This is what I *attempted* to walk through on Tuesday morning to get to the fitness center.  I probably don't have to tell you that I didn't make it!

I ventured outside Wednesday morning to see if chances of getting to work were any better.  Yeah, that was a negative.

When you can't even get out of the apartment building  let alone the parking lot, chances of going to work aren't good.  In fact, my office was closed on Wednesday.

I was in a pickle for lunch on Wednesday, so I did what every stuck-in-the-house mom would do: scoured Pinterest!  I found a recipe for a spinach pizza crust.  I had some frozen spinach in the freezer, but no pepperoni or mozzarella cheese, so I just used deli ham and colby jack cheese. 
I'm not going to lie, I didn't have high hopes for this "pizza." 
I was pleasantly surprised!  It definitely had a different texture than pizza crust, and if you concentrated on it, you could taste the "green-ness" of it.  But the sauce, cheese, and ham definitely made it taste like a pizza, too!  The kids and Matt loved it too!
The "crust" was a little floppy, and I would recommend eating this pizza with a fork, rather than your hands, but it was so very tasty!  The best part?  I ate two slices and it only cost me 200 calories (and 0 carbs for Jameson)!  And I felt full for a good three hours on those 200 calories.  Love it!
I will definitely be making this again!

I'm very glad we were able to dig out and get back among the living, even if the living still has several feet of snow shoved up into piles all around the city. 
Happy Thursday, friends!

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