Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Personal Challenge - April Recap

Remember how I issued myself a personal challenge for April?

One word: failure. (I know the month isn't over yet, but let's be real, people - it's not gonna happen!)

I'm not afraid to admit defeat, but I'm sad that I have to do it in this instance!

I did great for the first week of April.  I did decent during the second week.  Then, I travelled to Sioux Falls for a business trip, and my eating habits in general went down the trash can.  Unfortunately, they haven't improved much since then.

SO!!!!!  I'm not giving up on this challenge, despite the end of the month approaching.  I have something completely different in mind for my May challenge, but I am going to continue to work on eating less sugar, and eating healthier foods in general.

I count calories every day of my life, and have been limiting calories as much as possible.  But as I try to work toward building more muscle tone and definition into my core, I know that I need to focus more on giving my body the nutrition that it needs, rather than cutting calories in as many ways as I can, which has - in the past few weeks - resulted in binging on sugar and junk food anyway.

So that's where I stand.  Having failed to achieve my April goal, but not accepting it as a final defeat.  I'm still a work-in-progress.  As I heard a couple weeks ago at a conference, "If you're not growing, you're dying."

Time to keep growing, people. :)

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