Monday, April 29, 2013

Personal Challenge - May

Despite my - ahem - lack of success in April, I'm doing another personal challenge in May!  This one is not as objectively measured as last month's challenge, but I promise I'll be honest.

I tend to let little things irritate me until they turn into big things.  I do this especially badly with pet peeves.....that normally have to do with my husband.  Ok I'll admit it, I give my husband a harder time than he deserves.  He's a good man and a great daddy.  I really need to stop getting so irritated when he gets out a box of cereal and doesn't put it back, or makes a smart comment, or plays a little too rough with the boys (that's 100% my opinion, of course).

So!  That being said, my personal challenge for the month of May is going to be: to let things go!  When I feel myself starting to get mad - and I mean beyond the point of mild irritation - I am going to try to take a few deep breaths, and just let it go.  Under most circumstances, the problem is with me and if something isn't the way I like it, it's just quicker and easier to just "fix" it myself!

Like I mentioned above - this challenge isn't as "measurable" as April's challenge was, but I'll be honest about how I handle things.  I'm starting to practice my deep breathing now!  Haha.

How will you challenge yourself this coming month?


I almost forgot - I'm also going to try and do another full #fms #photoaday challenge! Stay tuned!

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