Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap ( 4/5-4/7)

I haven't done a weekend recap in a while, because I haven't had anything interesting to recap!
But we actually got out of the house and did a few things this past weekend, so I have fun pictures to share. :)
We got Jameson's insulin pump on Thursday!  Along with the pump came several boxes of diabetes supplies, which required a linen closet/medicine cabinet re-organization.  Hey, you improvise when you move from a 4-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment.....
It now looks nice and pretty though, thanks to my ever-exciting Friday night adventures!! Those D-supplies have their very own home on that 2nd shelf there! (And yes, we do in fact keep an industrial size flashlight in the linen closet.  See last line of above paragraph!)

I gave Jameson his pump, and he just thought it was the coolest little gadget!  He kept calling it a phone, and putting it up to his ear, saying "hello!!"

We get a monthly newsletter from the boys' daycare, and our Hendrix was featured this month.  The boy can color - you'll see what I mean a few pictures down.

There was a Kids Fair at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center this weekend, so we thought we'd try it out.  I was disappointed - it wasn't much to get excited about, but it was nice to get out of the house for a few hours, anyway.
There was a little train that was giving short rides around one of the hallways of the Civic Center, so we took a ride.  The boys really liked it!

Another of the booths had a piece of heavy equipment used by the Black Hills Power Company, so we climbed up and explored that a little bit.

We wandered around the Kids Fair for about 40 minutes, then decided to head out.  We were going to go to the Pizza Ranch!  We tried to eat there on Easter, but they were closed.  So due to that, we were pretty hyped up, as we'd had our minds set on it for over a week!
It.  Was.  Delicious.
I'm so proud of how the boys behaved.  Hendrix didn't eat much, which didn't come as a surprise, but Jameson pigged out (insulin was our friend) and both boys behaved as little gentlemen, and it was a really pleasant (and delicious) experience, overall.  It gave me hope that we CAN get outside of the 4 walls of our house and do stuff as a family! 

Sunday morning, Matt worked.  I needed to go to Sam's Club, so off we headed, the boys and I.  Rare moment when the two aren't pulling hair, hitting, or pinching.  Love this!

After that errand, we headed home,  and Hendrix decided he wanted to color, after lunch.  See what I mean about his coloring ability?  At not-yet-three-and-a-half, I'm pretty proud of his ability to stay in the lines!  After he was done with this picture, he put it on the fridge all by himself.  And rightfully so - he colored the entire picture, and sat there working on it for a good 40 minutes!

Sunday, after nap time, we randomly decided to drive Needles Highway.  Turns out we should have done a little research before driving an hour one way to get to the highway that turned out to be closed, since it is not maintained in the winter months.  Ugh. 
We did see some cool sights on the way there, though, along with a very pretty rainbow.

It was a nice end to a nice weekend.  The weather was very mild all weekend, and today we're staring down the barrel of a giant snow storm.  Boo hiss.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week and you can accomplish your goals and cross things off your to-do lists!

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