Monday, May 20, 2013

4 days until our "getaway!"

I have briefly mentioned that the boys and I will be heading out of town this weekend. (Matt chose to stay here.) We are so excited!
We are travelling down to Colorado Springs to spend the holiday weekend with my best friend (who is actually my cousin, but I consider her BFF first, cousin second!), her daughter, and her husband.
Previously, we had only been seeing each other once a year, if that, due to the distance and the cost of flights.  Now that we live in western South Dakota, Colorado Springs is less than 8 hours away by car! 
I'm leaving work at 11:30 on Friday, picking up the boys, and we are heading south!
There will be a full recap of the weekend, of course, but the things I hope to accomplish are:
1) Relaxation with my bestie!
2) To let Hendrix and Jameson play with their cousin, Mikaela.  They've never met each other!
3) Play outside and enjoy the sunshine.
4) Eat yummy food!
5) Enjoy yummy wine!
6) Get in a couple good workouts with my best - who is now also living a healthy lifestyle - yay!
7) Eat froyo!  (Can you believe she's never had froyo???)
8) Enjoy some girl time / girl talk after the kiddies go to bed.
I haven't had any kind of vacation or getaway in a long time, so I am quite looking forward to this weekend!

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