Monday, May 6, 2013

Fitness 2013: April 28 - May 4

How the heck is it May already?  Yikes!  I'll tell you what, though - I'm looking forward to running outside now that the weather is starting to turn warmer.

Sunday 04/28: REST (Ate entirely too much junk food.  Bleh.)

Monday 04/29: 30 minutes on the elliptical + abs

Tuesday 04/30: 3.61 miles (treadmill)

Wednesday 05/01: 30 minutes of light living room cardio

Thursday 05/02: 3.60 miles + 10 minutes of abs
(didn't get a picture of the PFT4 today, but I burned 450 cals!!)

Friday 05/03: 37 minutes of living room cardio.
I walked to the fitness center to find the top lock (that tenants don't have a key to) engaged, so I couldn't get in!  Frustrating.  So I did my living room cardio, tried to take it up a notch, and ended up burning 315 calories.  Not too shabby. :)

Saturday 05/04: 5.0 miles outside
This is the longest run I've been on in a while and it gives me the urge to train for a 10k!

Miles for the week: 12.21
Miles for April: 45.46
Miles for May: 8.6
Miles for 2013: 163.82



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