Monday, May 13, 2013

Fitness 2013: May 5 - 11

Sunday 5/5: REST (repeat of last week - ate too much junky food.)

Monday 5/6: 30 minutes elliptical + 10 minutes abs

Tuesday 5/7: REST day....if you can call it that.

Wednesday 5/8: 3.60 miles on the treadmill. 
Darn sun doesn't come up early enough for me to get outside!

Thursday 5/9: 3.6 miles on treadmill.
Date tonight with the foam roller - my hammies are screaming at me!

Friday 5/10: 30 minutes elliptical (10 @ level 2, 10 @ level 3, 10 @ level 4)

Saturday 5/11: 6.02 miles (outside)
This was the longest run I've been on since I ran the Glass City 1/2 Marathon last April!  I have stuck to 5k's for the past year, and added a LOT of cross training (best thing I've done for myself, honestly).  I thought for sure my legs would be screaming on Sunday morning, but they really weren't.  Felt good to burn 600 calories in 1 workout!  Plus, I drove downtown to run, which was nice.  It gets really boring staring at the same scenery every day.

Miles for the week: 13.22
Miles for May: 21.80
Miles for 2013: 177.04

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