Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rants and Ramblings

Welcome to this week's edition of the random - and often un-related - thoughts running around in my head!!!

* I just love short work weeks.  It's already Thursday!

* Matt is working this weekend, so we are going to set up our tent inside (it's supposed to be in the 50's and rainy) and let the boys play in it.  I'm hoping it occupies them for hours so  I can continue with my "Great Clean, Purge, and Re-Org of 2013!"  Also hope to do some sewing this weekend!

* Next weekend, we plan to go up and visit Matt's grandparents in northern South Dakota.  They live on a farm, and I'm hoping the boys can enjoy seeing the farm and playing outdoors.

* I have fallen way behind on May's #photoaday challenge.  Not sure if I'll catch up.

* I'm doing "diabetic education" this evening for daycare.  REALLY hoping that we can get these lunchtime high numbers under control!

* Look how adorable these little containers are!  I got a package of 8 of them for a whopping $1 at the dollar store the other day.  They are perfect for holding a 1 oz serving of almonds, or a 2 Tbsp serving of dip, peanut butter, salad dressing, anything!  A stack of three of them is just the size of my ice-age work phone.  Love them!

* There are only 6 weeks separating me from a long weekend with my family!  Ahh I can't wait!
* I learned how to calculate my Base Metabolic Rate today.  Ready to do math?
[9.99 x weight in kg] + [6.25 x height in cm] - [4.92 x age in years] - 161
My BMR is 1,288.  From what I understand, that's the number of calories my body burns at rest.  I assume it's in a 24 hour period?  How fun is that?
* MY mom has been sending me pictures of me as a child all day and I've been enjoying them so much.  It's absolutely crazy how much Jameson looks like I did as a baby/toddler.
Ok - I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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