Friday, May 17, 2013

Rants & Ramblings

It's been soooo long since I've done a R&R post!  Whoa!

Things got crazy with the D-diagnosis, the move, the new job, etc.  Guess it slipped my always-busy mind!

But anyhoo, here's what's on my mind today:

1) I can't believe it's almost June.  We've lived in SD for almost 5 months, though it doesn't feel like we've been here that long.  Warm temps are finally upon us.  Heck, I noticed this morning that the cover has been taken off the pool at our apartment.  Woo hoo!!

2) Yesterday would have been my father-in-law's 62nd birthday.  Next week on Wednesday marks 1 year from his passing.

3) If given the opportunity, I feel that I could fall asleep right now (12:20 pm MST) and not wake up until my 6 am workout tomorrow.  So. Pooped.

4) We purchased a gas grill last night.  Nothing fancy, but we couldn't take not having one anymore.  Must grill up some deliciousness.  This weekend's fare:  burgers with corn on the cob and grilled chicken and asparagus with pasta salad and deviled eggs.  Helloooooo, summer.

5) The reason for all that fancy food and grill mentioned above?  We are celebrating Matt's birthday this weekend, because the boys and I will be out of town next weekend.

6) I am packing up my adorable little men and the three of us are heading down to Colorado Springs next Friday to see Sarah, Tim, and Mikeala!  So excited!

7) Not nearly enough craftiness has been taking place in my life lately.  Some of the things I want to do/make are: shower curtain and matching bath mat, handmade Christmas gifts, organize spaces in our apartment with the use of vinyl labeling, make birthday and anniversary cards, and much more!

8) Hendrix has started making friends with the other boys that live in our apartment complex.  I love that he is such a social butterfly, but his "favorite" friend right now is Nikolai, who is 9.  Nik is a great kid - I've talked to him many times and he uses awesome manners, is ridiculously nice and friendly, and - as of yet - has not set any bad example for Hendrix.  But my concern is that a 3-ish year old boy tried to play with Hendrix on the playground last evening, and Hendrix basically ignored him to run off and play with Nikolai.  Hmmm....

9) I walked out of the house without my phone this morning.  I seriously don't understand how we lived without smart phones 5-10 years ago.  Hmph.

10) I bought a couple dresses and four pairs of shoes/sandals at Goodwill a few weeks ago.  I love scoring great deals, and I am about as non-material as you can get, so I could give a crap less if I'm wearing 2nd hand clothes.  But my FAVORITE part about it is that I've gotten more compliments in the past week about my cute dresses and cute shoes than I've gotten in the last few months on my retail wardrobe.  No one has a clue I spent about 50 cents on each pair of shoes and about $2 on each dress.  And they have no need to know.  When asked "Oh, did you get new shoes?  They're cute!" my response is usually, "Nah, I've had these in the closet for a while, just haven't worn them."  Wink.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!

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