Monday, June 24, 2013

A Special Birthday Post

Birthdays are special.  Now that I'm a parent, I think that - as exciting as they are as a child - they're more exciting for the parent.  It's celebrating the day your baby came into the world and completed your life.
My sweet Jameson turns two today!  It feels like yesterday that I was induced and had the easiest labor ever.  Then my little man came into the world at 2:31 pm that warm June day.  So today Matt, Hendrix, and I are celebrating the day that Jameson completed our family of four.
Of course he's special to us.  (He's got mommy wrapped quite tightly around his fat little finger).  But this birthday - while they're all something to celebrate - is a bit more special than the others.
You see, almost 8 months ago, we really weren't sure we'd see this birthday.  And if we did, we weren't sure what our Jameson would be like.  Thankfully, he's fine.  But you can read the whole story HERE of his severe diabetic ketoacidosis and the dangers our boy was facing, while lying unconscious in the pediatric intensive care unit of Mercy St. Vincent's Hospital in Toledo, OH.

Oh, it really, truly was the scariest weekend of all of my 28 years.  But thank God, our boy came back, with no brain damage, and is running around, ornery as ever, and celebrating the completion of his 2nd year of life today!

We love you SO MUCH, sweet boy!  Stay ornery, and stay strong.  Smooches and squeezes!
Happy birthday, Jameson Rossow.  


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