Monday, June 10, 2013

Fitness 2013: June 2 - 8

Remember how my fitness goal for the last year or so has been to wear a bikini?  Well, in sorting through our closet and clothes these past few weeks, I finally tossed my old tankini, because it was too big for me.  I'm running out on my lunch break today to buy a new swim suit, because Hendrix is ready to go to the pool at our apartment complex.

I'm trying not to break out in hives at the thought of purchasing a bikini, but I've worked hard for the last year to get to this point.  I still feel like a lot of work needs to be done in terms of my body, but I'm pretty sure every woman feels that way forever, now matter what shape they're in. 

What I can say for sure is:  I'm happy with my weight, and happy *enough* with the way my body looks, based on the fact that I'm a mom of two, and will be turning 29 in a couple months.  So that being said.....bikini, here we come.  Yikes.

Sunday, June 2 - Rest Day

Monday, June 3 - 30 minutes elliptical + abs and arms

Tuesday, June 4 - 3.60 miles + abs and arms

Wednesday, June 5 - 30 minutes on the elliptical + abs

Thursday, June 6 - 3.72 miles

Friday, June 7 - 3.75 miles

Saturday, June 8 - REST (and over-eating!): visited Matt's grandpa's house with his Aunt Bobbi who cooked delicious breakfast and lunch!

Miles for the week: 11.07
Miles for June: 11.07
Miles for 2013: 215.60


  1. You are more than ready for the bikini!

  2. You go girl! I am so impressed.