Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Challenge - Mid Month

I usually do an update post about 1/2 way through the month.  I realized today that 1/2 way through the month was last Saturday.  Slow down, summer!

Anyway.....if you remember my June challenge, it was to clean and re-organize the entire apartment in preparation for my family's visit in July.

Here's how I'm doing, 19 days into the month:

Matt and I's bedroom
Boys' Bedroom
Boys' Closet
Small Bathroom
Large Bathroom
Linen/Toiletries Closet
Living Room
Craft Area
Dining Area
Laundry Room

42% done with 63% of the month gone already.

*cue bullets of sweat*

Better keep on trucking, huh?

What's completely AWESOME though, is that the rooms that have been cleaned and organized are being maintained, which is always really difficult in my house.  We have been staying on top of the boys picking up their messes when they're done, and picking up their room before we read stories each night. (Plus, I sold the crib and changing table today, so that's going to leave us with a LOT more space once we get it out of there - YAY!)

The organized closet in our bedroom has made putting clothes away much less of a chore.  I spend about 10 minutes each morning before leaving for work on apartment maintenance.  The goal is to start spending another 20 minutes - with Matt and the boys' help - on maintenance in the evenings.  That's a total of 30 minutes a day, working as a team to maintain organization.  I think we can do it.

I hope we can do it.  I LOVE living in a clean and organized space!

And P.S.  I CANNOT WAIT for my family to come visit in 23 days.  But I'm not counting down or anything.......

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