Monday, June 3, 2013

Personal Challenge - June

Why hello, summer!  (We are rang in the 1st "official" summer month with 59 degrees and rain here in Rapid City.)

My challenge for the month of June is to continue and complete - by July 8th (Ok, I'm kind of cheating and leaking this challenge over into July) - "The Great Clean, Purge, and Re-Organization of our apartment!  My family is coming to visit mid-July and I am using that as motivation to tear into the apartment from wall to wall, ceiling to floor!

My plan is to go room by room and just kick everything right in the butt!  So far, I've got our bedroom 95% complete.  All that still needs to be done there is a good vacuuming, and straightening up of Matt's bedside table.

Still on the list:

The boys' bedroom (holy toys, Batman.)
Both bathrooms (includes sewing a shower curtain)
The linen/medicine closet
The dining area
The kitchen
The living room (craft desk, yikes.)
The laundry room (efficiency is desperately needed, here)
The patio (toy removal, cute string lights, possibly, cleaning the grill)

The number of tasks for each area of the house are ridiculous.  So I'm just trying to tackle one area at a time and cross each task off the list until I'm done!

Hopefully I have a productive update here in a couple weeks!

How are you challenging yourself this month?

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