Monday, June 10, 2013

The Rossow Angus Ranch

On Friday evening, we packed in the car and drove 4 and a half hours to northern South Dakota to visit Matt's grandpa and grandma.  It had been 15 years since Matt was on the farm, and I know he really enjoyed being back, while the boys and i enjoyed seeing it for the first time.

I learned from Aunt Bobbi (Matt's mom's sister) that Grandpa Rossow grew up on the farm. But also that it had been in the family longer than that.  In grandpa's living room sits an antique rocking chair that belonged to his great grandma, which would make it Matt's great-great-great grandma.  Her name was Anna and her photograph was also sitting on the chair.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of that photo.  It was so neat!

Saturday morning, we had sausage, pancakes, and kuchen for breakfast. It was a rainy morning, so the boys played play-doh while we sat around, drinking coffee, and chatting.  Once the rain slowed a bit, we piled in grandpa's SUV and he drove us all around the farm, and told us of the history, how his sons and daughters would help with the chores, when each building was built, and what it was used for, etc.  So very rich in family history!

We had pulled pork sandwiches with chips and a salad for lunch. Very tasty! After lunch, we went to the nursing home to visit Grandma Rossow, who has Alzheimer's. Aunt Bobbi told us she has always loved children, but with the progression of her disease, has pretty much stopped noticing them.  We must have gone to visit her on a great day, because she paid notice to both Hendrix and Jameson, and even wanted to hold Jameson! In fact, as Jameson got restless and a bit upset, grandma still didn't want to let him go!  She is no longer able to speak, but on a few occasions when Matt tried to take Jameson back from her, she raised her eyebrows as to say, "Back off, mister!" We all got a good laugh out of that.

After spending a little under two hours at the nursing home, we headed back to Rapid City, as i had to put in a couple hours of work on Sunday. 

The drive was long and tiring, but i so truly enjoyed our time at the farm, and i really hope we are able to go again before winter.  My family-in-law has always made me feel like I've always been a part of the family and i just truly love them, and being right in the middle of all the family history was so fascinating.

The hats from the family ranch. I'm born and raised mid-west, so the fact that my family has a real, working ranch is way too cool to me!

What other way do you start a Saturday morning on an angus ranch, than with black coffee in a John Deer mug? Love it!

My littlest guy is quite good at wrapping people around his fingers.....

Matt and Uncle Tim during coffee.

Play-doh and family time!


Jameson was about to have a coronary with seeing all of the cows, sheep, and doggies! (Aunt Bobbi in the background.)

The large stones you see in the front of this photo made up the foundation of the original building on this property.

It may be hard to see, but I'm in love with the foundation of these buildings.....made from large stones.

The sheep barn.  Sheep kept for shearing, and a few for slaughter.

Super fuzzy, but awesome family pic.

The house grandpa Rossow lived in before the current one was built.

Found an old tractor!

And the very first pickup that grandpa Rossow ever owned.

The Metz boys.

I wonder how long this guy has been parked amongst these trees.

Daddy and his boys walking back up to the house for lunch.

Grandpa's newest toy.  Steering wheel is on the passenger side!

Jameson snuggling with his Great-Grandma Rossow.

The boys did so well while we were at the nursing home!

I had to include this picture - this is Jameson's latest facial expression.  Does it all the time!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our farm visit as much as we enjoyed our time there!  Make it a great week, friends!

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