Wednesday, July 10, 2013

D-Talk: Pink Eye

About a month and a half ago, a simple ear infection put Jamers in the hospital, in dka.

For the past week, we'd been noticing that he was running higher than normal, but kept an eye on things, and all was ok.

Monday morning, he woke up with really goopy eyes, and had two super loose diapers.  I thought he had another ear infection, because those tend to "ooze" out his eyes when he has them.  Lovely, I know.

Anyway, I took him to daycare with the intention of starting ear drops that evening.  Daycare called me at lunch and his bg reading was over 600. (I think I may have cursed to the daycare director....oopsie!)

Based on the ooziness and week-long sugar readings that were a bit higher than normal, I first called the pediatrician and got him in at 1 pm.  He was diagnosed with pink eye and given eye drops. 

Then, I called the endocrinologist to make sure we didn't need to do anything differently.  I was NOT having him back in the hospital if I could at all help it!  She confirmed what we were already doing - keeping an eye on bg readings as well as checking for ketones.  She told us to push the fluids, and check him around the clock, which we did on Tuesday night. 

Fortunately we got his bg back under control.  He was 124 at bedtime.  He shot up to around 300 at 1 am, but he tends to do this every night.  I treated him at 1 am and he was back down to 159 at breakfast.  We have adjusted his basal rate at different times throughout the day, and will look at insulin-to-carb ratio when the diabetic educator returns to the office on Wednesday.

It's crazy, really.  My recurring thought all day during this latest D-episode was, "A simple bout of pink eye should NOT have a momma worrying that her baby is going to end up in the hospital with dka."

We need a cure for T1D, people!!!!

The following pictures look really bad, but the truth is that Jameson was just super exhausted and grouchy, because Matt had to wake him up in the middle of his nap at daycare to take him to the doc.

This is my little plug:
If you have the opportunity to donate to a JDRF chapter, consider it.  There is not a local chapter where we live, and that upsets me greatly.  However, the northwest Ohio chapter is holding a walk this fall, and the boys' old daycare is walking in it and raising funds for it.  I'll definitely be donating.  Finding a cure for any disease obviously takes funding.  If you have even just a dollar or two that you can part with, consider donating to this great cause!
Ok, end plug.
Have a great day, friends!

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  1. I agree , we need a cure. It always surprises me how much anything and everything affects diabetes. Sickness, emotions, hormones, weight changes, activity, weather... everything. Keep up the good work.