Monday, July 29, 2013

Fitness 2013: July 21-27 (A Short Novel)

It's hard to get over "the number" on the scale.  I'm not a big soapbox preacher about how society is making our girls and women feel fat and hate themselves.  However, I'm just like a lot of other women in this country/world that want to be thin, because thin is associated with beautiful, generally speaking.

I've been at a weight plateau for about a year now.  I'm happy with my weight, I feel good in my body, but I'm finally at a place where I'm ready to start building muscle, toning up, and reducing my body fat percentage (bf%).  The bf% thing is the number that's more important to me now, more so than my weight.  I've been guzzling a gallon of water a day and eating as much lean protein as I can.  But it's time to get to work. :)

I'm trying to cost-justify a gym membership.  We have a little fitness center at our apartment complex, but it has 1 treadmill, 1 elliptical, 1 bike, and a resistance weight machine (that I'm not in love with).  To be honest, it gets the job done of keeping one healthy.  I appreciate it, I really do.  However, for the goals that I hope to accomplish in the next six months, I feel like I need more.

I've seen these women who are so fit, toned, and healthy, and they have inspired me to set new goals, and I'm really determined.  So, I signed up for a 14-day trial membership to Anytime Fitness yesterday.  It's only an 8 minute drive from our apartment complex, and it's a nice, complete, clean, and modern gym with all the weights and things I'm interested in using.

I hope that in the next two weeks, I can really get a good idea and a true picture of whether or not it will get me where I want to me.  For a 12-month commitment, it's $35 a month, and for an 18-month commitment, it's $31 a month.  Really, quite inexpensive.  Especially if you compare it to these crossfit gyms, which I've heard run about $100 a month for unlimited classes.  (I'd love to do crossfit, but definitely can't fit that in the budget!)

So I'm going to be kicking my booty hard for the next two weeks, and we'll see where I stand on whether or not it's worth $420 over the next year.

In other exciting fitness news (sorry, I'm a health and fitness nut, I get excited about this stuff!) - I joined a facebook group of moms here in Rapid City that are trying to be, or already are, dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.  We met at a track Wednesday evening for a group run.  I'm really looking forward to getting to know some of these women and making friends.  Not just friends, but friends who: 1) have kids and 2) are into health and fitness like me.  Hopefully more to come on this!

Now, after my novel - here's what when down this week!

Sunday 7/21 - REST

Monday 7/22 - 3.65 miles

Tuesday 7/23 - 30 minutes elliptical + arms/shoulders circuit @ Anytime Fitness (AF)

Wednesday 7/24 - "leg day" in the morning, and 3.1 miles with my new running buddies in the evening! (P.S. I feel cool being able to say leg day. Ha!)

Thursday 7/25 - 2.5 miles + 10 minutes incline walking on treadmill + arms and abs

Friday 7/26 - 30 minutes elliptical + ab and core work

Saturday 7/27 - 2.25 miles - Run or Dye!

Miles for the week: 11.5
Miles for July: 44.31
Miles for 2013: 293.11


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