Monday, July 22, 2013

Fitness 2013: July 7-13 and July 14-20

I've been a bit absent from the blog lately, and for that I apologize.  I spent the end of June and the first week of July preparing for my family's visit to Rapid City, then they were here and I spent every minute that I could enjoying their company!

My workout routine suffered a bit while they were here, as I expected it to.  I'm really focusing on getting things back on track and I'm hoping to make some serious progress on my body before we head home for a visit during the holidays.

Here's what I accomplished in the last two weeks!

Sunday 7/7 -- REST

Monday 7/8 -- 3.75 miles + abs and arms

Tuesday 7/9 - 30 mins elliptical

Wednesday 7/10 - 3.75 miles + abs and arms

Thursday 7/11 - 3.65 miles

Friday 7/12 - Rest

Saturday 7/13 - Rest, but walked around Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse all morning

Miles for the Week: 11.15
Miles for July: 22.10
Miles for 2013: 270.90

Sunday 7/14: 3.65 miles + walking around Reptile Gardens

Monday 7/15: REST + Bear Country and Rushmore Water Slide Park

Tuesday 7/16: REST - family visit

Wednesday 7/17: 30 mins living room cardio (Matt out of town)

Thursday 7/18: 3.65 miles

Friday 7/19: 30 mins elliptical

Saturday 7/20: 3.41 miles, outside

Miles for the week: 10.71
Miles for July: 32.81
Miles for 2013: 281.61

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