Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fitness 2013: June 30 - July 6

I'm riding the struggle bus.  I'm a passenger on the burn-out wagon.

I'm still working out 6 days each week, but it's been a struggle.  I want to cry when the alarm goes off.  I'm having to give myself pep talks as I walk to the fitness center each morning. 

I'm digging deep, and scouring healthy-living websites in order to find that burst of motivation that I need again!

My eating habits have also been deplorable this past week.  This may be TMI, but I'll share it anyway.  The birth control that I'm on has stopped my cycle.  But I'm convinced it hasn't stopped my hormones!  I still have weeks where I'm grouchy, sluggish, bloated, and can't resist food.  This has been one of those weeks.  Ugh.

I hate the sluggish, guilty, blah feeling I get after eating something I shouldn't.  Especially THIS week, which has been my bikini time frame goal for about 6 months.  My family is coming in on Friday and we'll spend a good portion of the weekend at the pool.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to have an awesome time.  I just wish it was easier to resist the sweets!  Being a woman is rough stuff some days.....

Anywayyyyyyy...... here's how I finished out the first week of July.  Help motivate me, friends!

Sunday 6/30 REST

Monday 7/01 - 3.65 miles

Tuesday 7/02 - 30 mins ellipt + abs and arms

Wednesday 7/03 - 3.65 miles
Thursday 7/04 - 3.65 miles

Friday 7/05 - 30 mins elliptical

Saturday 7/06 - 45 minutes treadmill @ 9% incline + 15 mins elliptical

Miles for the week: 10.95
Miles for July: 10.95
Miles for 2013: 259.75

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