Thursday, August 1, 2013

Personal Challenge: July Recap and August Challenge

My personal challenge in July was putting down the cell phone and eating healthier foods.

I think I did a fair job of both of those things.  There were many evenings where my cell phone didn't come out of my purse until 8:30 at night after the boys were tucked into bed.  I still found myself on it in the boys presence a couple of times - I'm not perfect and never will be.  But when they would ask me a question or try to engage with me, the cell phone went in my purse, pocket, whatever.

As for eating healthier, this is something I think I will always be striving to do.  I will never be perfect in this arena either.  But I've been focusing - especially in the last couple of weeks - on eating more lean protein, moderate carbs, and less fat.

Now, onto August!

Here's the deal: I miss living in Ohio very much.  I miss our house.  I miss our friends.  I miss pretty much everything about it.

Before we know it, August will be drawing to a close, we'll be celebrating Labor Day, and we'll be barreling into fall.  Fall is my most favorite season of the year.  I actually enjoy the fall season more than I do the Christmas season! (Even though I LOVE the holidays as well.) I have found myself thinking about how much I'm going to miss fall in Grand Rapids.  The bursts of yellow and red (there are a lot of evergreens out here in western South Dakota.), raking our front yard and letting the boys jump in the leaves, sitting on our front porch, going for cool weather runs through the friendly streets, fall and Halloween festivities, you get the idea.  I've had the same thoughts and feelings about the holiday season.

In fact, the other evening, I made a comment along the lines of "Ugh, the holidays are gonna suck this year," and Matt actually got upset with me and asked why I would say something like that.  It got me to thinking.

He was so right.  Why would I set myself up with a negative attitude like that?  If I go into both fall and the holiday season with a negative attitude, I'm pretty sure I'm guaranteed a negative experience, right?

So that brings me to my challenge for August.  Who has seen Joe Dirt?  I've found myself quoting the movie in the past few days by saying "I like to see homos naked."  Hehehehe.  If you haven't seen the movie, you have no idea what I'm talking about.  But the bottom line is:  we may be far away from our immediate family and loved ones.  But Rapid City, SD is home to us currently, and for however long we are supposed to be here.  It's obviously ok for me to miss living in Grand Rapids, OH.  But I shouldn't dwell on the fact that I'm homesick for it.

So in the month of August, instead of focusing on why I miss Ohio, I'm going to focus on why I enjoy living in the Black Hills.  It is my goal to share with you - at least once a week (hopefully more!) - something great about living in Rapid City, and in the area of the Black Hills. 

How are you going to challenge yourself in the month of August?


  1. You're in a different part of the country. Give it a chance first. The seasons (as you have already seen) are a tad different than Indiana/Ohio. But, you may kind of like the differences.

    Case in point. When I moved to Seattle in '84 I walked out of my apartment on the 4th of July and I was able to see my breath. On the 4th of freaking July I could see my breath! My first year there the running joke of "What day will it be Summer?" I started to think it was correct. They also have a term, "Sun Breaks". This is during the rainy season (which seems like most of the year) and the sun makes an appearance. First and only place I heard that. I wouldn't trade my time in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest for anything.

  2. Hey ya just gotta keep on keepin on, life's a garden, dig it.