Monday, August 19, 2013

Potty Training: Three-Day Method

I'm skeptical of any kind of "magical system" that's proven to work.  Not sure why, I just don't tend to buy into it.
However, I'm also not encouraged by the thought of dealing with diapers much longer.
So, that being said, I grasped at straws here with Mr. Little Stubborn Pants and gave the "Three-Day-Potty-Training-Method" a shot.

I scheduled myself off of work on Friday so that I could have a full 72 hours to be 100% potty-focused.  I prepared myself for exhaustion and frustration, with the hope that it just may not be too bad!

Matt took Hendrix to daycare on Friday morning, and after breakfast, I had Jameson go to the bathroom and get the remaining 5 (or so) diapers we had left and throw them in the trash.  We talked about how he wasn't going to wear diapers anymore because he was a big boy now, like daddy and Hendrix.

Once we did that, I threw away the diapers he was currently wearing and put his brand spanking new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle undies on him that he had proudly picked out by himself a few weeks prior.

He wasn't all about wearing a shirt, so this is basically what he looked like all day on Friday:

We kept a sippy full of juice (sugar free of course) with him all weekend to encourage peeing!
We were attached at the hip.  Everywhere he went, I went.  When I had to use the restroom, I asked him to come with me.  I basically didn't let him out of my sight.  This is part of the method.  Every time he started to pee, I whisked him to the bathroom and explained that pee pee goes on the potty, not in our undies.  Along with that, I told him about 735 times on Friday that when he needed to go potty, to tell mommy.
Needless to say, I cleaned up a LOT of puddles and soaked a few pairs of poopy underwear in water that day.  He did stay dry at naptime though.
The method recommends waking him an hour after bed and an hour before he normally wakes up.  I had good intentions with this part, I really did.  But it didn't happen, what can I say?  He had wet the bed when I checked his blood sugar at 1 am.  I changed his undies, he refused to try to go, so we went back to bed.  But when he woke up at 6 on Saturday, he was dry.
Mommy and Jamers - attached at the hips on Friday!
I was in serious kid-mode all weekend.  I play with my boys a lot, but I also expect them to play by themselves - as I feel like learning to take care of and entertain yourself is a very valuable life skill.  But I was all about playing with Jamers so I could keep an eye on him.  We played a lot of Legos and the game Memory. :)

Saturday morning, like I mentioned, he woke up dry.  I had him use the potty right away and he did great.  That morning, he was still starting to go pee in his undies sometimes, but by lunch time, he was starting to tell me!  He would dribble a bit before he released, and once he dribbled, he'd get a frantic look on his face and say "I go potty!" and then we'd race off to the bathroom.  Again - dry at nap time.
Saturday night, he woke up at some point in the night (I can't remember what time) and I had him use the potty and he did.  He woke up around 6 am damp, but not soaked, and used the potty again.
I don't remember what was happening here, but he sure thought he was hilarious.  I LOVE this picture.
This one too.
Sunday morning, things had definitely turned a corner.  I was still reminding him to tell me when he needed to potty, but he was telling me, so I started to remind him a little less often.  In fact, he didn't have a single accident all day on Sunday.  He had to poop twice and made it to the potty both times.  I was so proud!!
I really wasn't sure if the method would work or not, but after my 72 hours of potty training, I'm definitely in agreement that it does!!

I fully expect him to have accidents in the coming weeks and months.  But that's normal.  Nobody's perfect - ever.  But especially when they're learning something new.

He's at daycare in underwear today, and his teachers seemed happy and proud of him for it, so I'm encouraged.  I sent about 7 spare pairs of undies and shorts - and a few pairs of socks - in case there are accidents.
It was a successful Potty-Training mission, and we are NOT looking back! :)
Sunday evening, I escaped by myself for about an hour and treated myself to a froyo.  Mmmmm, my favorite.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  What did yours consist of?


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    1. Thank you! It feels so awesome to be out of diapers - Forrrrr.Eevvvv.Errrrr. :)

  2. How old was your son when you did this? :-)

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