Monday, August 12, 2013

The Beautiful Black Hills (#4) - The Badlands

A really cool area of the Black Hills is the Badlands.
We decided to go on an overnight camping trip there this past weekend. 
The Badlands are named as such because three different tribes/cultures - without knowing about the others - all called them that due to their harsh nature and difficulty to travel through.
Our camping trip was enjoyable and I've gotta say, it was the coolest campsite backdrop I've ever had.  Check out the scenes we enjoyed!

This one makes it look like we might be able to fake that we know what the heck we're doing, huh?

I enjoy local and micro brews.

The pictures don't begin to do the scenery the proper justice.  This was looking down into a giant canyon.  It made my heart race and gave me goosebumps.  That was a result of both my fear of heights and the sheer beauty.

Another canyon.
Be still, my heart.  That boy is so handsome.
Good morning!
This was the backdrop to our camp site!
On the drive home Sunday morning.

And this is how we all felt on Sunday morning. :)

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