Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - 5 Ways to Win My Heart

I found a cool journaling prompt list on Pinterest (my addiction has been renewed, for whatever reason, to this terribly time-wasting website).
I thought - just for fun - that I'd try to start doing a little random journaling on Thursdays.
Today's Prompt: Five Ways to Win Your Heart
Since I'm happily unavailable in terms of romantic relationships, we'll just talk friendships here. 
1) Respect
Not just me - all people.
2) Humility
Pride is more than ok.  Cockiness gets ya the boot.
3) Sense of Humor
No explanation necessary.
4) Buy me chocolate. 
I'll be really mad at you, but I'll secretly love you.
5) Honesty. 
Even if it hurts.
What wins your heart?
Are you single, taken, who the heck knows?  What's your story?
Random: what's your biggest pet peeve?


  1. Thoughtfulness totally wins my heart. In all shapes and forms.

  2. Laughter and food win my heart.
    Taken, you know the story ;)
    Biggest pet peeve; people at the store who can't return their shopping carts. Makes. Me. Insane!