Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Goals - August 25-31

In the absence of my fitness posts, I've decided to start posting my weekly goals.  These can be related to work, personal life, fitness, etc.  If you're interested, you can still check out my workouts for last week here.

I really can't believe labor day is this coming weekend!  Where did summer slip off to?  Oh wait, It's making a last minute appearance here in western South Dakota, I forgot.  Anyone else experiencing a ridiculous heat wave where you are?

I'm very much in a fall-ish mood already.  I'm ready for the temps to cool down so I can start making soup and yummy pumpkin treats!  I've been feeling very restless lately, and want to start working on Christmas projects.  Heck, I'm already thinking about New Year's Resolutions!

So - without further adieu, here are my goals for this upcoming week!

1) Keep up on the laundry. 
Why, oh why does the stack of dirty laundry NEVER end???

2) Start sorting through, purging, consolidating, and selling the stuff in our garage with the intention to get rid of that expense ($50 a month) by the end of September.

3) Complete the To-Do list to get ready to rent out our house in Ohio.
This includes writing up a lease, adjusting the insurance, and finding a tenant.  Hopefully that last part won't be hard, as we currently have 4 people inquiring about it.

That's it for this week.  3 goals isn't very many, but they involve a decent amount of work, and they're important!  Getting rid of the $50/month expense of renting our garage along with getting most, if not all, of our mortgage covered is going to make all the world of difference for us!
What projects or goals do you have planned for your week?
Is this week a busy one?
Gearing up for anything fun and exciting for the upcoming holiday weekend?

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