Monday, September 9, 2013

D-Talk: The Flu

The last week has been rough, and I've been dealing with a lot of anger towards this hand Jameson has been dealt in life.  Ok, who am I kidding, I AM dealing with anger.  It hasn't completely passed yet.
Last weekend, I came down with a nasty flu bug.  I laid in bed for 24 hours, 100% incapacitated.  I'm telling you, it was terrible.
I thought Jameson had given it to me, because he'd had a fever the previous Thursday, but now I'm not so sure.  Regardless, he came (back?) down with it on Wednesday evening.  He had a 102 degree fever, and was just generally ill.

From Wednesday evening through last evening (Sunday), the poor boy had incessant diarrhea, he vomited a few times, though the vomiting wasn't terrible (thank goodness), ran a fever off and on, had no appetite, and just felt like junk.

His sweet snuggles are what kept me going during that 96 hour stint, because I promise you, there were multiple times that I had nothing left to give, and I'm not sure how I got up the 4th or 5th time my alarm went off in the night...

The nights were the worst.  He was hardly eating or drinking anything.  We had him on a temporarily reduced basal rate of insulin several times, and always at night, but despite the lesser amount of insulin, he would still go really low at night.  We were checking him at least every two hours around the clock (and probably will continue to do so for a couple more days).  Two separate times, he had a blood sugar in the low 50's and was just refusing to eat or drink anything at all, so we had no choice but to give him a mini dose of glucagon.  That was the first time we had ever used the scary little red box.  But both times, it brought his sugar from 52 or 53 to up over 200 in a matter of 15-20 minutes, which is pretty darn awesome.

But even after the glucagon, I'd check him two hours later and he'd be in the 50's or 60's again, and he only wanted to sip about 1 mL of juice at a time.  We tried apple juice, orange juice, popcicles, KoolAid, Gatorade, M&M's, and ice cream.  He wasn't having any of it.

Another awesome drug in our possession is Zofran, which is an anti-nausea medicine.  I started giving him the Zofran on Thursday, and once that took effect, I pumped some Immodium AD into him, to try and help stop the diarrhea.  He was dealing with minor dehydration from that, which brought in some ketones. 

Ketones never got above moderate, but regardless, we were doing everything we could to stop the pooping and encourage the drinking!  The Zofran allowed him to keep the Immodium AD down, but didn't help his appetite. 

Several times, I felt like we (as a whole family) had fallen into a deep hole, and despite our best efforts to climb out of it, we just kept grabbing at the walls of the hole, only for the clump of dirt to come loose, causing us to fall back down to the bottom.  We aren't in the clear yet.  In fact, I feel like we still have the proverbial dirt under our fingernails!

Jameson turned a corner on Sunday evening.  We were all exhausted so we cheated on Sunday evening and Matt got McDonald's for the boys, while I ordered Chinese takeout for Matt and I.  I expected much of the same - for Jameson to lick a couple French fries, but not eat anything.  But he ate about ten fries and took several teeny bites out of the perimeter of his cheeseburger.  And he drank some Sprite.  I was sitting on the edge of my seat, staring at him the whole meal, while trying not to make it obvious, but I was so. stinking. happy. that he was eating!

After dinner, he also ate 1/2 of a string cheese, and he ate most of a small bowl of cereal this morning.  Daycare called me today and he's been running low - again - so I'm so tempted to shut his basal off completely tonight so I might have a chance at sleep, but in doing that, we risk ketones creeping back in. 

He tried so hard to feel better all weekend.  But you could tell he just felt like crap, no matter how hard he tried to be better.

So I'll trudge through the dark hallway, stubbing my toes on leftover action figures, squeezing drops of blood out of my boy's fingers and toes like a vampire yet again tonight, and probably the next night, and for as many nights as it takes.  But if it means I'll get to see his goofy smile and hear his sweet voice tomorrow morning, then I'll trudge on.

Because that's what we do.


  1. Made me cry. Loves and kisses, mama. It's what we do <3

  2. Thinking of you guys everyday! This too shall pass...