Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Family Weekend

We had a great weekend!  Friday was downright cold.  This was the temp as I drove home from work Friday afternoon.

Saturday was much better, with high temps in the upper 60's.  After Matt got home from working Saturday morning, we had a quick lunch and headed north to Spearfish to the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze!  (We decided against going through the corn maze, as it was rumored to take about an hour.)
This young man - whenever we are out and about - just loves to run!

It didn't take the boys long to pick out their pumpkins.


Oh, this boy.  He had a couple mishaps.  First he fell and got a little spiky thorn in his hand (tragedy pictured below), then he fell into a gap between hay bales and had to be pulled free.  Such a rough day for him. :)

But, all was well, once tears were shed, of course.

Isn't that the prettiest blue sky in the background??

After picking out pumpkins and climbing on hay bales, it was time to play in the giant corn-box!

And then more climbing on the hay.  I was impressed with this family selfie.  Didn't turn out too bad for fitting 4 people in the picture, and both boys were smiling. 

After we finished up at the pumpkin patch, we drove through Spearfish Canyon, in hopes of seeing some color on the trees.  The color was far less vivid than I expected, but Spearfish Canyon is a place that's gorgeous all year long.  I only took a couple of pictures, because every time I looked at them, I got frustrated because they don't do the beauty justice.

Coming back up from the canyon, we went through Deadwood.  I've been wanting to see Mount Moriah Cemetery ever since we moved here, so we stopped by.  We checked out Wild Bill and Calamity Jane's graves, walked around a bit, and enjoyed the pretty fall weather.

I don't know who this 7 year old girl was, but there's just something fascinating about old cemeteries, no?

Once we got home, we had pizza for dinner and just relaxed.
Sunday involved a lot more relaxation.  Hendrix snuggled up next to me in the chair during nap time.  That's my hand sandwiched in between his.  Ahhhh I love that kid.  He doesn't snuggle very often, so this was super special.

After Jameson woke from his nap, we got down to business carving pumpkins!

This picture is super fuzzy, but the look on Jamers' face pretty much describes his attraction to the whole idea of pumpkin carving.

This was as close as he got to the "goo."

Over all, it was a great weekend with my guys.  The weather was beautiful, we had lots of fun, and also got in plenty of relaxation. 
Now, just to survive the work week.  This 40-hour-a-week thing is really cramping my style.
Have a great week, everyone!

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